Nearly a hundred vendors came down to Marysville’s Third Street for the annual Marysville Street Fair this year.

The Street Fair was held on Aug. 9 to 11 and brought local arts, crafts, vintage, and plant businesses to the downtown Marysville area.

The event is put on by the Downtown Marysville Merchants Association.

“It is going awesome. There are many more people visiting,” said Mary Kirkland, a member of the association and the owner of Hilton Pharmacy.

This year the fair had 92 vendors.

“We have some new vendors and some returning vendors,” said Kirkland. 

Although the fair has traditionally only accepted homemade arts and crafts and homegrown plant vendors, they also accepted vintage item sellers this year as well.

“It kind of gives the fair a little bit different dimension and more variety, but still allowing the arts and crafts people,” said Kirkland.

People generally like the focus of the local street fair, said Kirkland.

“Everything here is handmade, handcrafted. There’s nothing that is commercially manufactured in China,” she said.

Visitors to this year’s fair said they enjoyed coming to downtown Marysville to look at the items.

“It’s great. I think it’s wonderful that people can come together and show their wares and connect with the community,” said local Judy Hendricks.

Local Virginia Craig came down to the Street Fair in part because she was looking for a baby shower gift.

“I’ve been coming for quite a few years to this off and on. It’s always fun to see what is out here,” said Craig.

The annual fair has been going on for more than 30 years now and was originally a sidewalk sale put on by the downtown businesses.

“Around 35 years ago and no one was coming so we though ‘what could we do to make it more intriguing,’” said Kirkland.

Business owners brought in some outside vendors and the event would eventually become the Marysville Street Fair.

“Over the years we expanded into the street and that’s how this started really,” said Kirkland.

Many people come down to see the many different types of items and art available.

“I love to see the different crafts that show up. Like a lady who makes silver jewelry while you wait,” said Kirkland.

“I just bought a subscription to a farm in Stanwood, which delivers fruit and vegetables to your home,” she said.

People also enjoy the fair in part because everyone is from the Puget Sound region.

“It really continues to be a fair with a lot of local people,” said Kirkland. “It’s very much a hometown fair.”

More information about the Downtown Marysville Merchants Association and their events is available at

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