The Arlington Street Fair will return to downtown Arlington July 12 to 14 this year with full list of vendors.

The event is put on by the Downtown Arlington Business Association (DABA).

“We have nearly 200 vendors who will be attending. We have some returning favorites and quite a few new ones,” said Jeri Rugtvedt, DABA member and the main organizer for this year’s event.

Vendors selling everything from handcrafted art to commercial toys typically fill up Olympic Avenue during the event.

“It is a very good size, though, and I’ve had a lot of vendors tell me that they are excited to come back because it’s huge and fun,” said Rugtvedt.

Many people like the large number of different items that are available at the street fair, she said.

“There’s definitely a variety of vendors. There are some commercial vendors, including some that are returning this year and some new ones. We have a lot of handmade vendors, and some very unique handmade items,” said Rugtvedt.

The Arlington Street Fair also usually has a number of items that people won’t be able to find elsewhere, she said.

“If I had the money I would be shopping at every booth because they all have something unique that nobody else has,” said Rugtvedt.

Many visitors also like the community, and vendors enjoy coming down to talk with people about the items they’re selling.

“They get to meet a lot of new people, too, and end up having returning clients,” said Rugtvedt. “It’s a really great place to meet up with people."

Many of the nonprofit organizations will be bringing activities for the kids and the Arlington Street Fair will bring back its bouncy house like it had last year.

Some vendors will also be giving live demonstrations, such as Rain City Fitness.

New this year will be a roving entertainer at the fair.

“They’re going to start down at the north end and walk the street playing their instruments,” said Rugtvedt.

Radio station KAFE 104.1 will be broadcasting for a couple of days during the festival as well.

Finally, there will be bands playing throughout the festival days at Legion Park during local food bank benefit concert Kornstalk.

“Kornstalk Festival is partnering with us so they’re providing all the music and entertainment throughout the weekend,” said Rugtvedt.

The Street Fair will be open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Friday and Saturday, and from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Sunday.

More information about the fair is available at

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