AHS students will live-stream a concert to raise funds to purchase a food truck for the food bank

Arlington High School students will be live-streaming a benefit concert in December to help the local food bank raise funds for a food truck.

The free virtual concert will benefit the Arlington Community Food Bank. It will be broadcast at theahseagle.com on Dec. 10 at 6:30 p.m.

The singer, Blue Moon Boy, makes kids music, so families with young children and encouraged to tune in.

Many students got behind the idea of helping the Arlington food bank after they met with officials who ran the organization and met with them in September.

"The food bank director gave us a lot of information on how much of our community is food insecure," said Anne Hayman, an English and journalism teacher at Arlington High School.

Since the pandemic about 60 percent of the community has had trouble getting enough food, said Hayman.

"That works out to be 18 in a class of 30," said Hayman.

"Some students have acknowledged that their families are struggling to make ends meet right now," she said, which is a fact that has helped encourage students to support the cause.

"Before COVID one of the things there were trying to do is raise funds for a food truck," said Hayman.

The Arlington Community Food Bank covers the 98223 ZIP code, which extends far out into the county into areas near Silvana and Darrington.

"There are so many people who need the food bank but are unable to get there," said Hayman.

Arlington students from the school's drama department, journalism department and leadership decided that the food truck would be the project they wanted to support.

"As a group we sat down and figured out ways to raise that money," said Hayman.

The first event to support the food bank will be the benefit concert broadcast out of the Byrnes Performing Arts Center.

Journalism students are preparing to run the broadcast.

"This is a way to get set up in the streaming world as well," said Hayman, who added that journalism students hope to broadcast school sport later this year.

"We'll have a couple of the drama students doing a sort of telethon," during the concert.

Blue Moon Boy is the stage name for teacher Ben Ballew, who will provide the children's music.

"He is an incredibly entertaining and charismatic guy," said Hayman.

"He does it just because he loves music," she said.

The donation link will also be at theahseagle.com. Money is going straight to the Arlington Community Food Bank.

Arlington students hope to do one event or promotion each month to support the food bank.

For January that could be a live-streamed video game tournament, although that plan may be changed or pushed back to a later date and for February the plan is likely a drama production, said Hayman.

The students have been excited to something productive for the community, she said.

"The students are really looking for something positive to do," said Hayman, "even if is from their homes and planned through Zoom."

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