The Arlington Arts Council’s Legends of the Blues concert returns to the Byrnes Performing Arts Center again on Nov. 23.

Janiva Magness will headline the show. The Grammy-nominated and 28-time Blues Music Awards nominee artist will sing at the show which begins at 7:30 p.m. with doors opening at 6 p.m.

“This is our seventh annual blues concert,” said Sarah Arney, president of the Arlington Arts Council.

“It’s a grand finale of sorts,” as one of the main organizers is retiring from setting it up after this year, and AAC will decide whether to continue holding the concert over the next year, she said.

“This is another bit of a fundraiser for the Arlington Arts Council,” said Arney.

“The Lodging Tax Grant pays for a lot of the costs for this,” although the Arlington Arts Council still paid for some of it this year, said Arney. The grant is meant to help promote tourism to the community.

Any money raised goes back to the council’s general fund for their projects in Arlington.

“We provide a lot of services throughout the year,” said Arney.

The Arlington Arts Council runs the photo contest at the Arlington Eagle Festival, the Art in the Park event to feature local artists and kids activities at the Arlington Street Fair.

In years past they have put up a number of different public art pieces, although the amount they have to spend on those projects may change going forward.

“This year is a bit different because the city now has a fund for public art,” said Arney.

In addition to being a fundraiser, the concert is also just a way to bring more music into the Arlington community, said Arney.

“We like all of the arts, including the blues,” she said.

Magness is a little more broad in her style than previous artists, said Arney.

“This artist will be a little different from what we’ve had in the past,” she said, because Magness mixes in elements of R&B and country songs.

“The opening act is a number of jazz artists from around the region,” said Arney. The NW All Star Blues Broads contain six award-winning female blues singers from around the Pacific Northwest.

Arney said that the Arlington Arts Council works with a number of blues enthusiast groups to promote the event.

“We have a great partnership” with local blues organizations, she said.

“People generally come from all around the Puget Sound, so this helps get people from out of town to come see Arlington as well,” said Arney.

Tickets for the event are $20 at or at Flowers by George at 335 N Olympic Ave., Arlington. Tickets will be $25 at the door. Youth 12 and under enter for free.

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