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Lakewood offers free soccer camp


Andrew Hines

Chase Van Alstyne, left, and Patrick Boyer, right, battles for possession during a scrimmage at Lakewood High School on July 18.

The Lakewood Soccer Program held their summer youth soccer camp from Monday-Thursday, July 16-19.

For the second straight year Lakewood has put on their completely free camp for the kids of the community to learn and enjoy the game of soccer. This camp is unlike any other as it is one of the only sports camp that has no fees or cost from beginning to end.

Over the four days, kids learn the basics of the sport as well as team building. Through the first three days each young athlete is put through drills and games in order to learn the details associated with soccer. After learning the pieces, the kids must put together their skills in order to compete in the final day's tournament. The tournament is set up in a round-robin style and in the end a champion is crowned.

"This is meant to get the kids in the community active, get them excited about soccer and also give our high school athletes a chance to develop some leadership skills. Nothing really builds leadership like getting 12 children to coach throughout the camp. It's massive for these athletes to come out here to give back to their community. They could be doing anything else with their summer, so it really attests to their character," said Lakewood Head Coach Nick Anderson.

Besides being a free camp for the kids, Lakewood also separates itself with the student athletes from the boys and girls teams who come out to coach. Each student coach is given a group of children that they are responsible for watching and coaching so that they are ready for the tournament. Each coach gives their tips and shares the love of the game so that each athlete may continue pursuing success in sports.

Andrew Hines

Samiya Siddhu finishes out her sprint at Lakewood High School on July 18.

"I like teaching the kids to put in the hard work but at the end of the day to enjoy the game. The most important thing isn't winning, it's putting in all you got and enjoying the game. It's important to share these experiences with all of the kids here," said Lakewood boys captain Juan Corrales.

"A lot of what I want to teach them is the little details like stopping the ball with the spikes or using the outside of their laces. It's huge to be able to give them tools while they're still kids, that they can use at a higher level. One thing that I'm focusing on with the last day of camp is positioning because it is something I wish I would have known when I was their age," said Lakewood girls captain Shealey Miller.

If you're interested in this camp it will be held again next year in mid-July at Lakewood High School. If you want more information you can contact Coach Nick Anderson at


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