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MPD officer recognized for picking up a U.S. flag


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Marysville police officer Dave Negron takes a U.S. flag off the ground on the Fourth of July during a routine neighborhood patrol.

Marysville Police Officer Dave Negron received recognition from President Donald Trump and thousands of others for stopping to pick up a U.S. flag on the Fourth of July.

"On July 4, 2018, while he was on routine patrol in a Marysville neighborhood, Officer Negron observed an American flag bent over and touching the ground," wrote Commander Mark Thomas, public information officer with the Marysville Police Department, in a statement.

Negron first attempted to fix the flag pole holder and when he could not, he rolled the flag up and placed it on the front porch of the homeowner.

Unbeknownst to Negron, the homeowner had a home security video camera and caught the act on tape, which he posted to Facebook.

The post soon received thousands of likes and spread beyond the Snohomish County community.

"This simple act of service and kindness has struck a vein of patriotism and pride in America from coast to coast. We have seen articles and comments from as far away as Philadelphia, Atlanta," wrote Thomas.

Thomas said that the department did not expect the amount of attention that Negron's actions would generate.

"We are surprised by the amount of comments and volume of coverage this has generated. We estimate that the video has been viewed close to 750,000 times," he wrote.

Eventually the President of the United States even gave his recognition in an Instagram post that received more than 50,000 likes.

"When a Washington police officer saw an American flag dangling from the side of a home, he went out of his way to roll it up and put it in a safe place," wrote Pres. Trump.

Thomas wrote that the show of appreciation was meant for all law enforcement officials across the country.

"In our evaluation [Trump] used the Fox News report of Officer Negron's action to comment and thank all of law enforcement, across the country for the work they do, not exclusively Officer Negron or the Marysville Police Department. Which we would agree with," he wrote.

In an email to Negron, Thomas said that he thanked him for the small action.

"Our character is what we do when we think nobody is watching. Your character reflects well on us all, and in that, helps all police officers reputation. Thank you," he wrote.

He also wanted to recognize Negron's character.

"We are not surprised by Officer's Negron's action as they exemplify our department's values, and this small act of kindness and patriotism reflect his outstanding commitment to the citizens of Marysville, the Marysville Police Department, and the USA," wrote Thomas.


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