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Looking at some of the newer, unique health trends


The are many different apps for your phone to help you lose weight.

It seems every day there is a new trend in health and wellness. With so many new products on the market and "hot" new health trends it's difficult to know what is worth your valuable time and money and what is a waste. In this month's issue we will dive deeper into some of the newest and more unique trends in health and wellness and find out what's worth it.

The Apps

Will a phone app really make you lose weight or sleep better? Maybe. This one is a bit of a trick question as most apps are free. If you are one to track your meals, steps, habits, etc., an app is a great idea for you. A paid-for version could make sense as well if you are truly utilizing it and if you are able to do something with your results. Like implement a better sleep schedule or challenge yourself to take more steps to beat the prior day's record.

If you aren't sure, many apps have a free version you can test out firs. Give it a try and see if you'll utilize it, if so, go for it.

A Coach

These days there is a coach for everything. A life coach, business coach, health coach, financial coach, marriage coach, and the list goes on. If there is an area you aren't feeling great in, like your health and wellness, a coach might be a perfect fit for you. It's well worth the cost if you are ready for a change and open to implementing your coach's action plan for you. The one-on-one attention a coach can provide is the change-maker for many. If you want to start slowly, look for a group coaching program. A word of caution, if you know you're not one to make a change without the accountability of a coach, don't start an on-line or group program because it may be a waste of money and leave you feeling frustrated if you didn't follow through.

Meals in the Mail

Did you know you can order meals online and they will arrive at your doorstep? There are about a dozen or more meal order companies out there that offer all types of options from do it yourself cooking to pre-done meals ready to heat and eat. If this seems extravagant you have to weigh the costs and benefits. Does it cost more than grocery shopping and making the meals yourself, typically yes. But if you are busy and don't often have the time for cooking a healthy meal and end up grabbing pizza on the way home from work that may negate the cost savings from grocery shopping. If you are spending a lot on last minute meals, you may as well have it sent to your home and eat something healthier. If you decide to invest in a service like this chose one that has flexible shipping options and a membership that you can cancel at any time. If not the food may go to waste when you have a week you don't cook or eat at home as much.

No matter what you invest in, your life and health isn't replaceable. Anytime you can make a small investment, whether it be time spent or something done to improve your health, the long term benefits will be there for you to retrieve later.

Emily Countryman is a board certified health coach and owner of Ideal Wellness located at 2639 172nd St. NE Suite 104 in Smokey Point/Marysville She can be reached online at


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