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MFD hosts open house, dedicates new fire engines


Christopher Andersson

Owen Beckstrand, left, and Marysville Fire District firefighter Ryan Swobody spray water at one of the district's new fire engines at a dedication ceremony and open house on May 16.

The Marysville Fire District added two new fire engines to their fleet and invited the community to their open house and engine dedication on May 16.

The 2017 Rosenbauer fire engines have been in service for the district for a couple of weeks now.

The district has five engines and a ladder truck typically.

The engines will be at stations 61 (near Safeway) and 63 (in north Marysville). Other outlaying stations will also be receiving the displaced engines, which will be an improvement over their old vehicles.

"So everybody got upgraded with this purchase," said Marysville Fire District Chief Martin McFalls.

The new vehicles are the "latest and greatest," said McFalls.

They are built to have more maneuverability than previous vehicles the district used.

"Just from the wheel base they have a tighter turn radius so it will be easier to get in and out of these traffic circles we have coming to Marysville," said McFalls.

It will also be easier to get into tighter driveways than it was before, he said.

So far firefighters have noticed an improvement in being able to communicate while traveling to incidents.

"They say the big difference is just how quiet the cabs are," said McFalls.

"That's a big improvement. One of our challenges in this career is hearing loss, so the quieter you can make the rigs, the better it is," he said.

Newer vehicles are also easier to maintain.

"The older they get, the harder it is to get parts and the harder it is to keep them on the road," said McFalls.

Marysville Mayor Jon Nehring said it was good to see the fire district investing in community safety.

"As I was walking around these and talking to some of the folks here, it occurs to me that we've come quite a long way here in Marysville," he said.

As the community has grown more has been asked of the fire district, he said.

"Look at the amount of calls they have every day and the amount of equipment that it takes to keep Marysville safe," he said.

"It's really awesome to see this type of investment into our community and into our fire district," he said.

McFalls said it was time to purchase new fire engines as the fleet was aging.

"The average age of our fleet was closer to 20 years than 15, and we really do want to take that down," he said.

"Hopefully we bumped the oldest rig into reserve status," he said.

Now the average age of the fleet is in the 10 to 15 years range.

Christopher Andersson

photo BY CHRISTOPHER ANDERSSON Alex Hobbs, left, and Jeremiah Hobbs explore the inside of one of the Marysville Fire District's new fire engines during a dedication ceremony and open house on May 16.

McFalls said, preferably the fire district should keep the average age of the fleet about 10 to 12 years for their fire engines and five to seven years for their EMS units.

"That's a pretty good range for the amount of miles we're putting on the rigs," he said.

The new engines cost about $545,000 each.

"We purchased them with apparatus reserve funding that we've built up and had saved just for this over the years," McFalls said.

"We expect to get a good 10 years out of them, including seven frontline use years," he said.

The fire district invited families to come out for a fire engine "wet down," a tradition of spraying the vehicle down to welcome it into the district.

Local kids were invited to hold the hose and participate in the ceremony, as well as dry them down with towels.

"We just wanted to open this up to the public to show our appreciation," said McFalls.


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