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Pet pageant raises funds for K-9 program


Christopher Andersson

Indigo Cabe, left, and her dog Roxi, compete in the Pets on Patrol pet pageant on May 19.

Community members and organizations helped to put on the Pets on Patrol pet pageant which raised funds for the Arlington Police Department's K-9 program.

The pageant was held on May 19 at Legion Park in Arlington.

Locals brought in their pets with costumes or tricks to be shown at the Legion Park gazebo during the event.

"We saw this on Facebook and I dress my dog up all the time, so we thought 'well, we might as well give it a shot,'" said Indigo Cabe, who brought in her dog Roxi in a scuba outfit.

Downtown Arlington Business Association president Lisa Cisneros brought in her pig for the pageant.

"We got a new pet and we wanted to bring her out here to show everyone and be a part of the pet pageant," she said.

The program helped raise funds to provide for the current K-9 units that are part of the Arlington Police Department.

"Dogs do things that people can't do. Reliably they find narcotics, find explosives and find people, and there's a lot of times we can't do that," said Arlington police officer Seth Kinney.

In some tasks, such as checking if any people are in a building, a dog can work much faster.

"You can see how a dog assists in clearing buildings, and situations that may have taken many officers, a dog can do by himself," said Kinney.

They are also useful for tight spaces that might be more dangerous for a human police officer to try and enter.

"Like up into an attic or down into a crawlspace, where there may be a suspect that we can't get to and if we did, we may be killed. He's willing to do that without having a second thought," said Kinney.

Dogs that are part of the police department are also good for interacting with the public.

"People come up and ask questions about the dog, and those might be people that would never come up to police and ask them a question, so it really gives us that opportunity to reach out and talk to people that are dog lovers," said Kinney.

Other police officers also enjoy having a dog within the department.

"Who doesn't like to have a dog around? It helps with morale around the police department. That's not the main intention, but it is a side benefit for the police departments," said Kinney.

The Arlington Police Department provides the salary for the police handler and the vehicle, but much of the other equipment for the K-9 program is provided by volunteers and the community, said Kinney.

"We rely very heavily on community donations," he said. That include items like leashes, new equipment and food.

Arlington community member Kim Casteel helped put on the Pets on Patrol pet pageant and helps the K-9 unit in a variety of other ways as well.

"We could not do this without Kim," said Kinney.

He also wanted to thank the Co-Op for the food they provide to the program, Mt. Vernon veterinary clinic Animal Care Center for the healthcare they donate and Roy Robinson Subaru and the Stillaguamish Tribe for their support which helped get the K-9 unit off the ground.

The Pets on Patrol event was sponsored by Skookum Brewery, Co-Op Supply, NOAH and the 172nd Street Safeway.


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