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Marysville works to improve safety at local intersections

Work is expected to continue into early June at many of Marysville's busiest intersections


Christopher Andersson

The intersection at Grove Street and State Avenue which recently received traffic light improvements and is one of 10 intersections in Marysville scheduled to receive improvements.

Many busy Marysville traffic intersections have been receiving safety improvements and that work is scheduled to continue into June.

In total, 10 of Marysville's intersections are being improved and worked on.

That includes intersections on Fourth Street, Grove Street, State Avenue and 47th Avenue, among others.

Work began in April and many of the construction projects have, and will continue to involve temporarily closing lanes.

"Basically, we're doing traffic safety improvements at 10 of the intersections throughout the city," said Steven Miller, engineering project manager for the improvements.

These improvements include a variety of small changes.

Six intersections will be receiving "flashing yellow arrows to allow for protected left turns," said Miller.

Previously, these intersections used a solid green light for commuters making a left turn.

The solid green light and the flashing yellow left arrow are basically the same in terms of traffic rules, however the flashing yellow arrow allows for "better control of the intersection" and has been proven to improve safety, said Miller.

Some intersections will receive LED lighting, which take less power and help improve the visibility of the lights, said Miller.

There will be better coordination at some intersections regarding trains after some work is done.

"We will have equipment installed for future communication between our lights and the railroad system," said Miller.

A new pedestrian signal is scheduled to be put in at one of the intersections.

"There will be a new display and a new button that will be better for ADA compliance," said Miller.

A "reflective back plate" for some light signals is meant to "increase visibility so people will be better able to see the lights," said Miller.

A "vehicle detect camera" is being installed at one of the intersections as well. The City of Marysville does not use these cameras to issue tickets.

Finally, some of the obsolete equipment is being removed from some intersections to be used elsewhere in the city.

"Some of the equipment is being relocated as they are no longer being used at those intersections," said Miller.

The project has a total budget of $426,000.

The majority of the funds for the project come from the federal Highway Safety Grants Program, said Miller.

That includes 90 percent of the funds for the design and all of the funds for the construction of the project.

Miller said that work will continue in the following weeks, including work that is planned for Fourth Street and Cedar Avenue and Grove Street and State Avenue.

This week includes scheduled work at State Avenue and 116th Street on May 7 to 9 and State Avenue and Grove Street on May 8.

The full list of intersections receiving improvements is Fourth Street and Cedar Avenue, Fourth Street and 47th Avenue, Grove Street and State Avenue, Grove Street and 47th Avenue, 88th Street and 36th Avenue, 100th Street and 51st Avenue, 116th Street and State Avenue, 136th Street and State Avenue, 84th Street and 67th Avenue and 128th Street and State Avenue.


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