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Preparing students for their future


With the last day of school quickly approaching, we recognize the important role we all play in preparing our local students for their futures. Families, nonprofit and service groups, cultural organizations, city, school district and other government entities all play an important part in a student’s individual K-12 puzzle. Below are just some of the ways the Marysville School District, The Tulalip Tribes and the City of Marysville help to put these pieces together.

The Marysville School District

Ensuring students have every opportunity to succeed is one of the Marysville School District’s top priorities. Each student comes to school with a different set of challenges. A student’s experiences at home and in their community can affect their ability to be successful at school. Therefore, school and district policies and efforts that help combat personal challenges, or provide more support in certain areas can often be critical for a student’s success. While there are many efforts occurring at the elementary level, this piece covers District priorities and actions at the middle and high school levels — often when students begin to focus more on post-graduation plans.

The Marysville School District implemented AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) with the goal of providing would-be first generation college students with the skills, resources and guidance needed to be successful in the classroom and after graduation. The District also believes that every student should have choices for their future. That is why every junior takes the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) and every sophomore takes the PSAT. A four-year college may not be the path for everyone, but time or cost should not be a reason this door is closed for any student. With that said, the District also seeks to expose students to the trades. Through the District’s Career and Technical Education Department, students in grades 7 to 12 are offered classes ranging from medical detecting and computer science, to automotive technology and construction. These are supported through events like Trade Up, Military Career Day and Opportunity EXPO.

The Tulalip Tribes

We want to raise our hands for all the students making that final stretch down the end of the 2017/2018 school year! We also want to congratulate our TVTC (TERO Vocational Training Center) for their graduation happening on May 30, 2018. TVTC Construction training is a fifteen-week training course that is a free intensive “hands on” program offered to all Native Americans enrolled in any tribe, their spouses and even parents of an enrolled tribal member. The program consists of in shop training learning carpentry, electrical, plumbing, and “try-a-trade” days at a variety of construction training programs. At the completion of the program, students will have an opportunity of employment in the construction industry. We would like to mention this amazing opportunity is possible from grant funding by the wonderful people at the WK Kellogg Foundation and thanks to the Tulalip Charitable Table. The upcoming class will feature forty hours of HAZWOPER and Scaffold Erection training. This is a great option for students that want to get into a trade or construction career. You can register yearlong at and the next program starts in August of 2018.

City of Marysville

Community livability for students and their families is a huge priority for your city government. Marysville’s elected officials and city staff all work to support the vision of “Live, Work, Play.”

School Resource Officers offer friendly faces and positive law enforcement role models at school, in after-school activities and in the community. Because healthy youth are more likely to succeed in school and into adulthood, the city places a strong emphasis on recreational, cultural and social offerings for children and families. Programs like youth sports, summer camps, art classes and concerts open children’s eyes to a wide array of experiences and possibilities for success. They’re fun, too!

Preparing students for their future starts the day they enter this world and a responsibility we all share. You can help by building excitement around school and education, making school attendance a priority, creating opportunities to explore careers and expose students to new ideas, being understanding of the unique challenges and needs of children and their families, and supporting district, state and national policies and actions that support access for every student to resources and opportunities that build a successful future.

This monthly column is jointly prepared by the City of Marysville, Marysville School District and Tulalip Tribes about topics of interest to the Marysville Tulalip community.


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