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New water main will be added to Sunnyside Blvd.


April 11, 2018 | View PDF

Christopher Andersson

This portion of Sunnyside Boulevard is scheduled to have a water main replacement begin this April and an pavement overlay in the summer.

Construction work along Sunnyside Boulevard that will build a new water main was scheduled to begin April 9.

Construction of the 537-foot water main will go from Soper Hill Road to 29th Place NE.

The City of Marysville has already replaced the water main sections on both sides of this April's project.

"We're replacing the last segment of that pipe that is still in the area," said project engineer Adam Benton.

"There is a small segment of 1950s-ish pipe in there," he said.

That section is becoming increasingly old and brittle, said Benton.

The project is paid for by the city and is estimated to cost $141,671.

The city also plans to overlay that section of the road with new pavement this upcoming summer, which is why they wanted to put in the new water main this spring.

"We're trying to get it done before we do an overlay of the road this summer," said Benton.

Replacing the water main later could mean breaking into freshly placed asphalt.

"We don't have to cut any of the new pavement if the water main [has problems]," said Benton. "That is something that we generally try not to do."

Work is tentatively scheduled to start on April 9.

Twenty work days are scheduled as part of the project, but it could be finished much sooner than that, depending on the weather and other factors, said Benton.

Travelers on Sunnyside Boulevard should expect single-lane closures while the construction is underway.

"There will be a single-lane closure and traffic controls on both sides," said Benton, who added there will be flaggers sending people through the lane on each end.

Benton said there will likely be a short delay in both directions while the construction crews are working.

"Generally we try to keep delays to less than 10 minutes," he said.

The overlay of Sunnyside Blvd. this summer will be meant to extend the lifespan of the road.

It is part of the Transportation Benefit District projects that the city is planning.

The area around this section of Sunnyside Boulevard has already received an overlay, and now the city is returning to the finish off the last section in the area.

"The city overlaid Soper Hill with new pavement all the way up to this curve," said Benton.

They also overlaid another segment of road further to the west, "so there's still this segment in between," that the city hopes to get to this summer.

Overlays are maintenance projects meant to keep roads in good shape. They are generally less expensive then letting a road fail completely and having to rebuild it.

Benton said that the pavement on this section of Sunnyside Boulevard is reaching the end of its useful life and overlaying it right now is a cost-effective solutions.

"We're going to solve the issue before it becomes a problem," he said.


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