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Swimmers host Lynnwood, Meadowdale


January 17, 2018 | View PDF

Andrew Hines

Ian Meetsma glides down the lane as he secures the second-place finish in the 100 yard butterfly at Marysville-Pilchuck High School on Jan. 11.

The Marysville boys swim and dive teams welcomed the Lynnwood Royals and the Meadowdale Mavericks to their pool on Jan. 11.

Marysville-Pilchuck and Marysville Getchell entered this swim meet without a single win this season.

The Tomahawks had a few strong performances but weren't able to put up enough points against either team. They lost to the Mavericks and the Royals by scores of 93-76 and 93-78, respectively.

The Chargers had a similar result against Meadowdale as they lost by a score of 105-75. However, Marysville Getchell had a tough fight against Lynnwood and managed to pick up their first win of the year, 92-88.

"Right now, we are in that mid-season time where everyone is starting to feel that fatigue and balancing life with school. But, they are doing a really good job banding together and supporting each other through the tough times. The team is building a lot of confidence right now and I expect big things in the future," said Marysville Head Coach Meredith Franks.

Marysville-Pilchuck's Ian Meetsma and Jared Edge dominated the competition throughout multiple events. Meetsma claimed a couple of solo victories with a first-place finish in the 200-yard freestyle, 2:03.04, and a second-place finish in the 100-yard butterfly, 1:03.78. He also swam a leg of the first-place 200-yard freestyle relay, 1:44.54, along with Wyatt Yarbrough, Nate Novy and Jake Howat. The Tomahawks' captain, Jared Edge, was able to secure a fourth-place finish in the 100-yard backstroke, 1:25.75. Meetsma and Edge also contributed in the second-place finish of the 400-yard freestyle relay, 4:02.19, along with Jayden Boyle and Leif Anderson.

The Chargers were led by Carson St. John and Hunter Brown. St. John raced for a second-place finish in the 100-yard breaststroke, 1:23.96, and a fifth-place spot in the 200-yard freestyle, 2:31.52. He also swam a leg in the fourth-place 200-yard medley relay, 2:07.04, and the fifth-place 400-yard freestyle relay, 4:56.50. Brown was able to earn two third-place finishes on his own in the 200-yard individual medley, 2:59.25, and the 100-yard backstroke, 1:21.59. He was also the first leg of the 200-yard freestyle relay, 1:49.83, along with Carson Mielke, Kameron Wilkes and Micah Brewer.

Your next opportunity to come out and support Marysville will be against the Mount Vernon Bulldogs on Jan. 18, at 2:45 p.m.


Meadowdale Boys vs. Marysville-Pilchuck Boys: 93.00-76.00

Meadowdale Boysvs. Marysville-Getchell Boys: 105.00-75.00

Lynnwood Boys vs. Marysville-Pilchuck Boys: 93.00-78.00

Marysville-Getchell Boys vs. Lynnwood Boys: 92.00-88.00

Boys 200-yard medley relay:

3 Marysville-Pilchuck Boys-PN 2:04.74

1) Edge, Jared 2) Howat, Jake 3) Novy, Nate 4) Anderson, Leif

4 Marysville-Getchell Boys-PN 2:07.04

1) Mielke, Carson 2) St. John, Carson 3) Brewer, Micah 4) Wilkes, Kameron

Boys 200-yard freestyle:

1 Meetsma, Ian Marysville-Pilchuck Boys-PN 2:03.04

3 Novy, Nate Marysville-Pilchuck Boys-PN 2:18.99

5 St. John, Carson Marysville-Getchell Boys-PN 2:31.52

6 Brewer, Micah Marysville-Getchell Boys-PN 2:32.63

Boys 200-yad individual medley:

1 Nelson, Ethan Marysville-Pilchuck Boys-PN 2:44.82

3 Brown, Hunter Marysville-Getchell Boys-PN 2:59.25

Boys 50-yard freestyle:

5 Yarbrough, Wyatt Marysville-Pilchuck Boys-PN 27.57

6 Mielke, Carson Marysville-Getchell Boys-PN 27.66

7 Nahinu, Jesse Marysville-Getchell Boys-PN 27.82

Boys 1 meter dive:

1 Anderson, Leif Marysville-Pilchuck Boys-PN 225.50

2 Kallio, Andrew Marysville-Pilchuck Boys-PN 145.15

3 Scharbach, Nicholas Marysville-Getchell Boys-PN 131.90

4 Newton, Joshua Marysville-Getchell Boys-PN 122.45

Boys 100-yard butterfly:

2 Meetsma, Ian Marysville-Pilchuck Boys-PN 1:03.78

3 Wilkes, Kameron Marysville-Getchell Boys-PN 1:05.41

Boys 100-yard freestyle:

4 Novy, Nate Marysville-Pilchuck Boys-PN 58.43

5 Mielke, Carson Marysville-Getchell Boys-PN 1:04.55

6 Yarbrough, Wyatt Marysville-Pilchuck Boys-PN 1:04.95

Boys 500-yard freestyle:

2 Nelson, Ethan Marysville-Pilchuck Boys-PN 6:42.90

4 Brewer, Micah Marysville-Getchell Boys-PN 7:27.62

Boys 200-yard freestyle relay:

1 Marysville-Pilchuck Boys-PN 1:44.54

1) Yarbrough, Wyatt 2) Novy, Nate 3) Meetsma, Ian 4) Howat, Jake

2 Marysville-Getchell Boys-PN 1:49.83

1) Brown, Hunter 2) Mielke, Carson 3) Wilkes, Kameron 4) Brewer, Micah

Boys 100-yard backstroke:

3 Brown, Hunter Marysville-Getchell Boys-PN 1:21.59

Andrew Hines

Chargers' Hunter Brown pushes hard in the breaststroke as he competes in the 200-yard individual medley at Marysville-Pilchuck High School on Jan. 11.

4 Edge, Jared Marysville-Pilchuck Boys-PN 1:25.75

Boys 100-yard breaststroke:

2 St. John, Carson Marysville-Getchell Boys-PN 1:23.96

Boys 400-yard freestyle relay:

2 Marysville-Pilchuck Boys-PN 4:02.19

1) Boyle, Jayden 2) Anderson, Leif 3) Edge, Jared 4) Meetsma, Ian

5 Marysville-Getchell Boys-PN 4:56.50

1) Vital, Lauren 2) St. John, Carson 3) Nahinu, Jesse 4) Wilkes, Kameron


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