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Kids get hands-on science demonstration at library


January 3, 2018 | View PDF

Christopher Andersson

Emilia Duran pokes at a bubble made with dry ice at a science presentation at the Marysville Library on Dec. 28.

Although it was winter break for many local children, Sno-Isle Libraries kept science going with their Winter Science Extravaganza program.

This year, kids at the Marysville Library got a hands-on demonstration of dry ice and experimented with the various ways that it can be used to build or release pressure on Dec. 28.

Presenter Christine Longdon, owner of local science education business Grinnin Fish, helped show the kids how to safely handle and experiment with the dry ice.

She said that getting direct experience is a good way to learn.

"There are different types of learners. There's people who can read and get it right away, but I'm not one of those people," said Longdon. "So I think some people need the hands-on and be able to experience it."

It also doesn't hurt that the children enjoy Longdon's topics.

"They have fun while doing it. I think when you're having fun and being engaged you learn more," she said.

Longdon also prefers to go over subjects that the children are not as familiar with.

"I try to teach topics that the teachers don't cover in school," she said.

"I build different classes on things that I didn't learn about. Things I study and think 'this is cool,' or 'this is cool, but it's not worthy of a school class,'" she said.

Parents and grandparents said that it was good for the kids to experience something new.

"I just like how it is interactive and they picked something that the kids probably don't see that often for a hands-on experience," said local grandparent Jane Duran.

"I think the program is amazing. We were so excited to come today," she said.

Longdon said she always wants to put something together that the kids get to actually experience and do.

"There are very few things I don't let them do, and the fact that they get to do it and its not just a presentation is important. They get to play with the chemicals or the dry ice and touch and feel it," she said.

"It's a lot more work, but they seem to enjoy it a lot more," she said.

Christopher Andersson

Makinzee Vaule makes a bubble with dry ice at a science presentation at the Marysville Library on Dec. 28.

Russ Longdon, who sometimes helps with Christine's classes, said that it helps younger children with their coordination as well.

"We find that some of the kids, if they haven't had opportunity for whatever reason, don't have a lot of dexterity, so it gives them a chance to do things with their fingers other than moving a joystick on a video game controller," he said.

Longdon said her favorite parts about teaching the science is "when the lightbulbs come on."

"I love the answers they give, they're hilarious," she said.

She also enjoys seeing the kids enjoy the science.

"I just love seeing them have fun and being engaged," she said. "When we can see and feel and do it brings it all together."

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