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Marysville holds All City Food Drive


November 8, 2017

Christopher Andersson

Saul Solis, left, hands a donation of food to Marysville Getchell Key Club member Aiche Danioko at the kick off of the All City Food Drive on Nov. 4.

The All City Food Drive kicked off on Nov. 4 with numerous groups collecting food at Marysville grocery stores.

Volunteers with the drive have also put red donation barrels across the community at various local businesses. The barrels will be gathering food and toys for the holiday season until near the end of December.

Collected food goes the Marysville Community Food Bank. Toys will be given out as part of the Marysville Toy Store, a program that provides toys to local families in need.

Dell Deierling, director of the Marysville Community Food Bank, said that the All City Food Drive helps the food bank in many ways.

"The obvious way is bringing in a lot of food for us," he said. "The other way is engaging the community. It helps highlight the food bank and what it is, as well as what the need is."

The beginning of the All City Food Drive "kicks off the season" for the food bank, said Deierling. The first day of the drive on Nov. 4 this year featured many community groups out encouraging donations.

Groups like the Marysville Kiwanis Club, who collected food at the Marysville Albertsons store.

"We usually staff this store," said Mike Ferri, Kiwanis Club member and one of the community members out collecting donations this year.

"It's a terrific cause. We volunteer for the Food Bank on a lot of other things too," he said.

Elaine Ferri, Mike's wife, said that there are many people in the community who need the help of the food bank while going through tough times.

"Every year there's more need and that's a shame," she said.

Deierling expects the number of families coming to the food bank to increase again this year.

"Unfortunately, the needs have been going up," he said.

"It went up considerably last year and I still expect this year to go up another 5 percent," he said.

The additional families coming in are a mix of new residents and those who are going through financial troubles.

"We're seeing a lot more new families, new to the food bank that is, and some of those residents may be new to town and some may be people that have never had the need before, but now they do," said Deierling.

The food bank serves community members throughout the year and there's always food needed as well, he said.

"Hopefully it's being passed on that the need is always there. Yes, it does elevate a little during the holiday season, but it's always there," he said.

The items that the food bank most often tends to lack include proteins, said Deierling. "We're looking for hams and turkeys, and buying a lot of turkeys with the financial donations," he said, "especially on the Christmas side of things."

Other good donation items include canned fruit, canned vegetables, canned corn or healthy items.

"In particular it's really nice to have offerings of lower salt and lower sugar for those that are looking to address changes in their diet that they need to make," said Deierling.

Pet food is also a good donation. "We like to remember that part of the family when people are struggling," said Deierling.

Christopher Andersson

Rick Hoover carries a box of donated food into the Marysville Community Food Bank on the first day of the All City Food Drive on Nov. 4.

Elaine Ferri said their club also receives help from Boy Scouts and the Key Club, a Kiwanis-equivalent club at Marysville Getchell High School.

The Kiwanis Club appreciates the help, especially in cold weather, she said.

"When it's cold like this, I'm glad our shift is just two hours," she said.

"It's not raining though, so that's good," said Mike Ferri.

He said that the community has been very generous and wanted to thank the store managers who support the program.

Deierling also thanked the community.

"Kudos to the volunteers and the cooperation we get from the stores and the managers to allow us to be there and certainly the whole community for pitching in and bringing in this bounty," he said.


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