AHS drama presents 'The Foreigner'

The play is a comedy about a couple of men from England who visit a rural Georgia lodge


November 8, 2017

Christopher Andersson

Arlington High School students Josh Moe, left, and Adam Wirth act out a heated argument during a rehearsal for the drama department's fall production of "The Foreigner" on Nov. 2.

Arlington High School's drama department has begun their fall play, "The Foreigner," which will continue this week with showings on Nov. 10 and 11.

The comedy takes place in 1985 in rural Georgia and is about two Englishmen who become guests at a fishing lodge and the happenings of the other residents of the inn.

Student Adam Wirth plays Charlie Baker, the British proofreader who sets things in motion.

"My character is the catalyst for all the other characters," he said.

"There's a lot of double lives or secret lives," said student Curtis Welch, who plays David Marshall Lee.

The actors said they enjoyed the character arcs and how they develop over the play as well, said student Hannah Glunt, who plays Catherine Simms.

"It's really cool to see these characters change," she said.

Wirth said he enjoyed his character's "emotional spectrum throughout the whole show."

"He starts off very sad because his wife is sick and alone," said Wirth. "Things start happening and Charlie gets happier and he's talking to people and becomes this amazing human being."

Acting in the play also helps you step into a role you may not be familiar with, said Glunt.

"I think these characters have shown us something of ourselves we haven't seen before," she said.

"I'm not the most angry person, I think, but what's nice is I can take my energy out with the character," she said.

"My character unleashes a bit of anger, too, and I'm not one to lash out at people," said student Josh Moe, who plays Owen Musser.

It also presented new challenges for many of the cast.

"I've never played an antagonist before so I knew it was going to be difficult," said Welch.

"I feel like the character has grown on me, although obviously I'm not going to be a jerk outside the play," he joked.

The biggest thing for many of the actors was the voice work with a range of accents that were incorporated into the play.

"There is a lot of dialect and that was one of the first things that we noticed, is that is something we are going to have to tackle," said Wirth.

Many of the Georgian characters speak with a southern accent, while the two English characters have different accents as well, one with a lower-class Cockney accent and the other with a more upper class accent.

"It's a great mix and a great stretch for us as actors," said Moe.

Students said they enjoyed working with each other to help put on the production.

"I enjoy building the relationships. I've seen us grow and it's really nice to have this bond that we don't have just at school," said Glunt.

"I've known these guys ever since elementary school or middle school and seeing them up on stage and doing this kind of stuff it just shows how awesome characters can build on stage, literally," said Moe.

They also wanted to thank their director, Scott Moberly, and the students who help do the stage and background work that goes largely unseen.

"The show couldn't be what it is without people back stage as well," said Welch.

"The stunts we do wouldn't be possible without them," he said.

There are two 7 p.m. showings of the play remaining on Nov. 10 and 11. The play is held at the Byrnes Performing Arts Center at Arlington High School at 1882 Crown Ridge Blvd., Arlington.

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Tickets are $8 for students and seniors and $10 for adults.

Christopher Andersson

Arlington High School student Grace Moberly acts out a character at a bar during a rehearsal for the drama department's fall production of "The Foreigner" on Nov. 2.


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