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Marysville police raise funds for Special Olympics

Police partner with Red Robin for annual Tip-A-Cop fundraiser


October 25, 2017 | View PDF

Christopher Andersson

Local Alexander Goodman, right, receives a sticker from Marysville Police Sergeant Rick Sparr outside of the Marysville Red Robin during the annual Tip-A-Cop event on Oct. 21.

Marysville Police Department officials served families at the local Red Robin on Oct. 21 at an annul event to raise funds for the Special Olympics.

Members of the police department partnered with the Marysville Red Robin in the "Tip-A-Cop" event where police officers and others in the department helped serve patrons to encourage donations to support Special Olympics.

The annual event happens across the country in October.

"We do this to help the athletes so it takes the burden off from their families and they don't have to come up with all the funds," said Patricia Duemmell, an evidence tech with the department and the organizer for the event.

Duemmell has supported Special Olympics through local department efforts for more than a decade now.

"When I go and watch these athletes compete and see how exciting it is for them to cross over the line and watching these families hug their kids for their accomplishment, that is why I do it," she said. "It is such a heartwarming feeling that is just so amazing."

Duemmell has volunteered at many Special Olympics events and said the community there is great.

"These athletes never forget your name. I may not see them for a year, but even then they still remember your name," she said.

Other officers also wanted to support the cause.

"I thought it was important and I want to benefit our community," said Darbi Boggs, a recently-hired code enforcement officer for the department.

"I've always done volunteer work for Special Olympics since I was in middle school," she said. "I think every chance you get to volunteer for your community is not only going to benefit yourself, but everyone around you."

Christopher Andersson

Local kids Christie Belew, left, and Skylar Belew look inside the Marysville Police Department's new tactical response vehicle outside of the Marysville Red Robin during the annual Tip-A-Cop event on Oct. 21.

The Special Olympics World Games, with athletes from around the world competing, is also coming to Seattle next year, "which is so exciting," said Duemmell.

"My goal is to raise a lot of money today and in the rest of 2018, so that the World Games will be a big success for these athletes," she said.

Police department members also said they enjoyed interacting with the community.

"It's a great cause and it gives them power to bring the community together," said Boggs.

It's good to get to know families in a positive environment as well.

"They like that we're doing something other than giving out tickets," Duemmell joked.

Duemmell is also appreciative of the local Red Robin which supports the event.

"I love Tip-A-Cop here because these employees are so excited and jazzed to help us," she said.

For more information on local Special Olympics efforts, go to


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