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AHS students bring back Lip Dub video tradition


October 11, 2017 | View PDF

Christopher Andersson

A crowd on Olympic Avenue cheers on Arlington High School as part of the filming of a 2017 Lip Dub video fro the school on Oct. 5.

Student leadership at Arlington High School helped bring back a tradition that has been absent for a couple of years: the school's "Home Dub" Lip Dub video.

Numerous students from the Arlington School District, as well as community members, teachers and others involved at the school lined Olympic Avenue on Oct. 5 to help aid in the filming of the video.

The eventual music video will feature students and community members dancing to popular songs.

Student organizers were happy with the turnout for the event.

"It was amazing seeing all the different people coming out and working together," said Justice Jackson, one of the student organizers for the event.

"Leadership put it on, but it was a thing for the whole community," he said.

Many people from all of the Arlington schools came to help with the filming of the video.

"I'm usually an involved person, but made me more involved with the community because we're seeing everyone down here," said Emily Keefe, one of the student organizers.

The last couple of years the students at Arlington High School have not filmed one of their Lip Dub videos, so some of the students were worried how this year's event would turn out.

"A lot of people said they didn't want to come out to it and that it was going to be lame, but everybody showed up and the turnout was great. We have one of the best communities you could ask for," said Jackson.

"I was worried when I first showed up that no one would want to do this, but when we got out there they were really excited," said Keefe.

Students said they enjoyed working on the process.

"I liked having everyone come together and seeing how happy it made the high school," said student and one of the organizers of the event Hannah Balcos.

"It's fun just being able to dance and make memories at school. I'm definitely going to remember this my whole life," she said.

Balcos said that the last Lip Dub was during her freshman year.

"We haven't had a Lip Dub since our freshman year, so to be in charge of bringing that back for our senior year was pretty cool," she said.

Jackson said that he remembers past years' Lip Dub videos fondly.

"It was a tradition for us being in middle school and looking at the other Lip Dubs, but we weren't able to do it these for a few years, so we were excited to bring the tradition back," he said.

"We've all been wanting to do it since our freshman year and it was the perfect time to bring it back," said Keefe. "We wanted to bring it back because we missed it."

Christopher Andersson

Arlington High School students dance down Olympic Avenue as part of the filming of a 2017 Lip Dub video for the school on Oct. 5.

Jackson said it has been a long process to work on the new video, and students practiced at Arlington High School's stadium.

"We measured it out and it was the exact same distance as going down Olympic Avenue, so we practiced there every day," he said.

The process also brought many different students together to work collaboratively on the project.

"It really brought everyone together and it was something that a lot of people weren't used to doing so it brought people out of their comfort zones," said Keefe.

"The people in the group that I was working with are people that I've never really talked with before, so I got to meet new people and learn new things about them, and we all got to come together," said Jackson.

The finished video will likely be put on Youtube after it is being done edited, said Keefe.


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