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The Healthy Bean opens in M'ville


October 4, 2017 | View PDF

Christopher Andersson

Chelse McClendon, daughter of owner of the Healthy Bean Robin Strine and a barista for the new business, works behind the counter of the coffee stand on Sept. 20.

New Marysville coffee shop "The Healthy Bean" opened in September on State Avenue.

The new stand at 1309 State Avenue, Marysville, opened on Sept. 16.

They serve espresso currently and plan to add sandwiches to the menu soon.

Robin Strine, owner of The Healthy Bean, said they will be serving "fresh, deli-made sandwiches" with an emphasis on healthy alternatives as well.

"We still want to have all the fat, flavor and carbs that people expect, but like our name 'The Healthy Bean' says, we want to have some healthy options," she said.

Those options could include veggie wraps or lettuce wraps. They are also looking into making their own hummus and using greek yogurt in their ranch dressing as ways to introduce better health-related food.

They are also looking to add breakfast parfaits and other morning foods.

"We're between two gyms so we want to have some healthy options like that," said Strine.

Their food services are likely going to be ready sometime in October, she said.

She hopes that her new coffee stand will become a place where people can come in and grab sandwiches that "has that hometown feel."

The stand also has a "cozy space" inside where people can come in and enjoy the WiFi internet. Strine also plans to revamp the interior.

"I hope that even though the building is out of the way, it can be a place where high school students feel comfortable coming in and studying for exams," she said

"They can have WiFi available to them in a safe environment," she said.

The coffee stand is also setting up a text line so that people can text in their orders before they arrive.

"We want people to be able to text their orders in so they can drop by and we have their sandwich ready," said Strine.

They also plan to partner with Uber Eats, a food delivery service that uses Uber drivers, to be able deliver their sandwiches.

At the stand, Strine also hopes to keep kids involved.

"As a single mom who raised three kids, every time we went to the coffee stand I would get some coffee and get them some hot cocoa," she said, "and there's always contests going on for the adults, but not as much for the kids."

She plans to have contests for pumpkin-carving or coloring and allow contest winners to put their own drink on the kids menu for a time.

Strine is the newest owner of the stand at 1309 State Avenue, which has gone through a couple of owners.

She is currently renovating the exterior and interior, and plans to paint the building to help it pop out.

"The building just kind of fades into the woodwork here," she said.

The business is family-owned with Strine and her daughter being the only employees currently.

"For a long time I've wanted a bed and breakfast or something with that family interaction," she said. The opportunity for this stand just "fell into place."

The Healthy Bean is currently donating 10 percent of their sales to the Marysville Community Food Bank.

"I will keep it going until we can get a good sizable donation to the food bank," said Strine. "As a single mom that was something I used to use and it's important to me to give back."

Once that donation is done Strine hopes she can continue to donate to local organizations.

"After the food bank, I'm looking to other avenues where we can donate, because to me it's about giving back to the community," she said.


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