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Marysville begins work on TBD projects

The city's Transportation Benefit District is starting four road preservation, maintenance projects


August 30, 2017 | View PDF

Christopher Andersson

One of the rebuilt ADA ramps on 67th Avenue in Marysville that was funded by the Transportation Benefit District.

Marysville's Transportation Benefit District projects have begun for the summer and will work to preserve road and improve pavement on four of the city's roads.

The latest Transportation Benefit District (TBD) projects began this summer on July 24 and will likely continue into October.

Work is scheduled from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, on areas of 67th Avenue, 51st Avenue, 71st Avenue and 92nd Street. Travelers should expect single-lane closures.

The work on the four roads is mostly going to be about "grind and overlays," which is a process to help maintain and repair the surface of the road.

"Contractors will grind out two inches of some of the roadway and then put an overlay of two more inches of roadway to the top of that," said Adam Benton, project engineer with the City of Marysville.

The new road is better for drivers and cars.

"The overlay gets rid of imperfections in the road," said Benton. "It helps to fix sections in the wheel path that no longer ride well."

Roads will naturally degrade over time, forming cracks and holes, that eventually need to be repaired.

"As roads age, they do a thing called 'alligatoring' where they break apart," said Benton.

In addition to improving the driver experience, grind and overlays help extend the life spans of roads.

"It preserves the existing road bed," said Benton.

"If we didn't take this approach we would have to eventually rebuild from the base of the road up," he said, which is a deeper process than an overlay and costs more.

Rebuilding a road from the base "would be considerably more expensive" and a "much more significant task," said Benton.

"The largest of the projects is on 67th Avenue NE," said Benton.

The work is going on from SR 528 to north of 44th Street NE and includes a full grind and overlay.

Other parts of that project include removing and rebuilding ADA ramps, changing the striping on the road to add some bike lanes and other traffic changes meant to curb the speeding in the area, said Benton.

Work on that road is expected to continue until late September.

A 51st Avenue NE project will include grinding and overlaying that road to repair the surface of it.

A "pretty extensive road repair" was needed at 71st Avenue NE and that work is scheduled to begin in August. The project will be from 40th Street NE to 44th Street NE.

There will be new pavement markings at the location as well.

The overlay could go on until October for the project.

And area of 92nd Street NE, from State Avenue to 45th Drive NE, is also receiving a grind and pavement overlay with new pavement markings.

"That road has been pretty bumpy and identified as an area that needed work," said Benton.

That work is scheduled to begin in August and possibly continue into October.

Benton said the projects are going well so far, and that a couple of the street repairs were late additions this year.

These road maintenance projects are part of the Transportation Benefit District for Marysville, which voters approved in an April 2014 ballot measure.

The measure increased local sales tax by 0.2 percent to raise funds specifically meant for improving transportation infrastructure around the city.

The district raises more than $1 million each year from the tax.

Most of the projects have been about overlaying local roads.

"This is generally the type of projects we've been doing the last couple of years," said Benton.

This year the district has also contributed to new sidewalks around Marshall Elementary along with a Washington State Department of Transportation grant.

More information about the local district is available at


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