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Hibulb hosts child archeologists


Christopher Andersson

Kingston Halsen, left, and Jemma Halsen uncover artifacts in an archaeology activity at the Hibulb Cultural Center's Children's Archaeology Day on July 15.

Tulalip and Marysville children got to dig through the sand and touch some archaeological artifacts at the Tulalip Tribe's Hibulb Cultural Center during Children's Archaeology Day on July 15.

"The Hibulb Cultural Center is hosting this event to have a nice activity for the community and see what we have for education," said Hibulb Cultural Center museum assistant Cary Williams.

There were activities at the cultural center like digging through sand and exercises to simulate the actual experience of uncovering artifacts.

"It's to give them an example of what it would be like to find a site," Williams said. "They always seem to like the sand box."

Bones, antler pieces and other artifacts were also available for kids to see and touch at the archaeology day.

"It's pretty cool to have artifacts that people can come and see and be hands on with," Williams said.

Educational maps and books were also available at the center for kids to go through as part of the day.

Families brought kids to the event for a summer activity.

"I just saw it with a flyer in the mail and I wanted to do something with my nephew," said local resident Beth Williams.

"It's really cool, I wish I would have told all my friends we were going because it's good for the kids," said local parent Angela Halsen.

Halsen said it was good for her kids to get some Native American culture as it is part of their heritage.

"Our tribe is in California so we don't get

to participate so it's really nice that the Tulalip Tribe lets all of us come," she said. "So we try and participate in the things here as much as we can," she said.

The Archaeology Day program is something the museum usually puts on for visiting kids when they come for a tour.

"This is what we use when tours come in," said Williams. "So we wanted to open that up and have the kids and community participating in it as well," he said.

The cultural center already had the activities and archaeological artifacts, he said, so it is good to provide those opportunities for local kids.

"It's something to add into the calendar for the summertime," said Williams.

There may be additional events with an archaeology theme over the summer and spring, he said.

"It's great for the growing minds and allows you to connect with what it would be like to be an archaeologist," he said.

Information about the Hibulb Cultural Center is at


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