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Marysville-Pilchuck Class of 2017 holds graduation


Christopher Andersson

Marysville-Pilchuck High School graduating seniors celebrate after turning their tassels at their graduation on June 14.

Marysville-Pilchuck High School seniors walked across the stage at Xfinity Arena in Everett on June 14 as part of their graduation.

A total of 340 students were in this year's graduating class.

Many students said it was a time they never thought would arrive.

Valedictorian Sheridan Hedman said she remembers thinking in sixth-grade how graduation seemed so distant.

"I remember thinking how am I ever going to get there, that's so far away, and yet here we are today," she said.

And after all that time school has become part of students' lives.

"We spent the last 12 years in school. That's over half of our lives. For some of us, that is all we've ever known," said valedictorian Loren Anderson.

Now that the next step is here, students will start making new decisions.

"Everyone talks about preparing for graduation, but no one talks about the day after graduation," said Hedman.

"I figure that tomorrow means we get to continue learning that life is worth living," she said.

Students will now have to begin thinking about where they want to go for themselves.

"When we were younger we were asked what we wanted to be. Some of us said 'rock star,' 'superhero,' 'artist,' and sometime later when we were asked again, we had to give a more realistic answer," said Anderson.

"I know it's pretty scary, but we still have the rest of our lives ahead of us," he said.

Facing the outside world can be intimidating for many.

"I think I speak for us all when I say we have a fear of failure, a fear of being lost," said M-PHS student Annaleese Zamudio.

"I can promise that there will be times when you wonder if the choices you made were the right ones, and you will overanalyze those choices," she said.

Principal Rob Lowry said the school's graduation represented a lot of hard work from many.

"We are here tonight to recognize the hard work and accomplishments of our students. This day wouldn't be possible without the support and care of each student's family, friends and community," he said.

For Marysville Superintendent Becky Berg, it's a reminder of why she wants to lead the education of so many.

"Being part of graduation ceremonies, and shaking students' hands as they take this important step, reminds me why I do this work. It never ceases to reignite my commitment," she said.

And for students, it may be their final moments together.

Christopher Andersson

Marysville-Pilchuck High School graduations senior Sheridan Hedman gives her valedictorian speech at the school's graduation on June 14.

"This is the last time we will all be together. It is times like these we will cherish. It is times like these that we will hold on together," said Anderson.

Student Lauren Ghosn said many relationships have been formed and broken across 13 years.

"As we look around we see strangers that have become our best friends and best friends that have become strangers," she said.

"I am thankful for everything we have been through together," she said.

Senior class president Griffin Hubbert said he has enjoyed the community at the school.

"When I first started high school all I wanted to do was be here at the end of it all, but as I continued to attend school and make new friends I really began to like M-P," he said.

"Everyone out there has made an impact on my life," he said.


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