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Arts & Tech recognizes outstanding seniors


Christopher Andersson

Marysville Arts and Technology High School students with their awards on Senior Awards Night on June 8. From left, Max Francke with his "Student Leader of the Year" award, Benjamin Callaghan with his "Student of the Year" award and Raquel Reed with her "Principal Penguin Award."

Marysville Arts and Technology High School recognized their graduating seniors during their Senior Awards Night on June 8.

The night honors students who have been a part of their senior class, achieved academic success or received scholarships.

The Marysville School District Foundation and Marysville Kiwanis Club awarded scholarships during the night, and multiple winners of the President's Education Award were named.

"My favorite part about the night is seeing the look on the kids' faces when they're recognized for something they had no idea they were going to get," said principal of the school Dawn Bechtholdt.

"I think it's a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the seniors' success with their families. Any time we can have families out here talking about how great their kids are, it's something we look forward to," she said.

Teachers said they were proud to have watched students grow from freshman to where they are now.

"Time has flown. I look around and see quite a few students I would love to give awards to. I am definitely going to miss most of you," joked teacher Darrell Walker.

Students were recognized for their work with the community as well.

"I had some really awesome students who I got to spend every Friday with, who went out to achieve some wonderful things for their community," said teacher Trishka Dargis.

The school's computer repair lab fixed more than 160 donated computers this year.

"We have sent a total of about 85 computers to Haiti and are now finishing up about 75 computers for Housing Hope," said teacher Paul LaGrange.

Individual students were recognized as well, such as Benjamin Callaghan who was recognized for his work in the computer repair lab and as the "Student of the Year."

"He is being recognized for high academic achievement, community involvement and leadership," said Bechtholdt.

Callaghan was also awarded a scholarship from the Marysville Kiwanis Club during the night.

Max Francke was this year's "Student Leader of the Year."

"This student is being recognized for leadership in clubs and service around the school and in our community. Has been involved in several clubs, ASB, class officer," said Bechtholdt.

Student Sarah Harris was congratulated for her Governor's Choice Award for an art piece, which was purchased by the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction.

That art piece helped her win a scholarship for Central Washington University.

Student Raquel Reed was named as valedictorian and given multiple awards as well, including recognition from Phi Beta Kappa and the "Principal Penguin Award."

"When I select this award I'm looking for the student who exemplifies being ready, being responsible, being respectful. A well-round student that is involved in academics and club leadership," said Bechtholdt.

Bechtholdt said she was proud of all this year's seniors.

"We've had a great year and I'm looking forward to graduation next week," she said. "It's been a real pleasure to work with them this year."

In smaller high schools, students sometimes have to do more, she said.

"You've seen tonight, small schools mean sometimes kids have to do double or triple duty, and these kids do it all and they do it well," she said.


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