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Swing into Spring fills AHS with music


Christopher Andersson

Arlington High School student Nick Mendro gives a saxophone solo during the Swing into Spring jazz night on May 5.

Arlington High School was full of dancing and music as part of the annual Swing into Spring jazz night from the school's jazz bands on May 5 and 6.

Both the Jazz I and Jazz II bands at the school perform multiple numbers during the event while people can dance or enjoy dessert.

The two jazz bands put on the event for the community to have somewhere to dance to their music.

"It's different than other concerts we play because this is actually a dance, instead of people just sitting in their chairs the entire time," said student Burch Walker.

That is the point of a lot of jazz music, said band director and Arlington High School teacher John Grabowski.

"We love to have people dance because that is what this music is for," he said.

"The music we play is dance music and so a lot of times when we're at concerts I feel a little weird having people sit on their hands and clap," he said.

Walker said good jazz music should make people move.

"I like the way it makes you dance. You have to move your body to the beat when you're listening to it, at least it does for me," he said.

Grabowski said that kids and adults really got into the dancing this year.

"That's the most full my dance floor has been consistently in 20 years," Grabowski said.

He added that often, including this year, professional dancers come to the event to enjoy the night as well.

"So you have everything from that, to just the kids you see out here who are having fun," he said. "It crosses all generations and appeals to everyone."

The lights are dimmed at the Arlington High School commons and decorations are put up to give a more nightlife atmosphere to the event.

Christopher Andersson

Arlington High School student Burch Walker gives a saxophone solo during the Swing into Spring jazz night on May 5

"I like it because of all the dancing and it's like a jazz cafe in here," said Arlington High School student Tenzi Nichol.

The event also provides a way for students to have a concert close to home for their friends.

"A lot more of my friends come to this one," said Walker. "It's a lot of fun."

Student Nick Mendro said he enjoyed playing with his friends and in front of his friends.

"I like being able to express myself with Robbie, my friends, and being with people I know, playing our hearts out," he said.

Grabwoski said he enjoys "just seeing the energy of all the students."

Mendro said he enjoys jazz because of how easy it is to get people together for it.

"I like the freedom of it, as cliche as that sounds. If I have some friends and we want to get together and play, we can," he said.


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