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Arlington athletes sign letters of intent


Christopher Andersson

Arlington High School students get ready to sign their letters of intent on April 12 at the high school. From left, Drew Bryson, Connor Stephens, Jordan Kraski, Hannah Michaels and Kevin Mullin.

Five Arlington High School students signed their letters of intent to commit to five local colleges in a variety of sports on April 12.

Drew Bryson will play basketball at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, Jordan Kraski will join the rowing team at the University of Louisville, Hannah Michaels will play volleyball at Northwest University, Kevin Mullin will join the track/cross country team at Western Washington University and Connor Stephens will play golf at Bellevue Community College.

"This is a real testament to the amount of time and effort they put into their sport to move to the next level and call themselves a collegiate athlete," said Tom Roys, athletic director for the Arlington School District.

"They are going to be a select few that go on and compete at the next level," he said.

Bryson is going north to the Canadian Simon Fraser University.

"It's actually Canada's only NCAA team, so they play in the same league as like Western Washington [University] and Central Washington [University], so I'm excited," he said.

Basketball is a sport that is a big part of Bryson's family.

"My dad has been a coach for 20 years, and both of my older brothers played, so it's just kind of runs in the family," he said.

He said he has enjoyed the "family aspect" of playing basketball at Arlington High School.

"Some of my best friends are from Arlington basketball, and it has been a fun ride," he said.

Jordan Kraski is traveling the furthest of the five by going to Kentucky's University of Louisville.

She said she loves the sport of rowing and has been a part of a rowing club in Everett for a few years now.

"I really like the team culture. In Everett it's like one big family," she said. "That's why I'm going to Louisville, because it reminds me a lot of that."

She said that she has many good memories of her time rowing.

"A couple of weeks ago it was pouring down rain and we were out there rowing, and then it started snowing and hailing so we were having a snowball fight in our boat," said Kraski.

Hannah Michaels began playing volleyball at the Boys & Girls Club and it has stuck with her since then.

"I like the friends I make, and I like the competition and learning all these new things," she said.

Michaels is going to Northwest University in Kirkland where she will continue playing as part of a volleyball team.

She said she has enjoyed this last year with her volleyball team.

"We went to state this year and it was the first time in about 20 years we had gone to state. And it was my senior year, so it was really a memorable time," she said.

Kevin Mullin is heading north to Bellingham's Western Washington University to be a part of its cross country and track team.

He said that he loved being able to strive for improvement while competing on the track and cross country teams.

"In basketball, soccer, football, it's a little harder to see how you've improved, but in cross country there's a number and you can say 'I want to see this number get smaller,'" he said.

He said Arlington High School has a "great atmosphere and a great group of people," for track.

Mullin also wanted to thank his track coach. "He's an amazing dude," he said.

He said he will remember "going to state and placing 13th was a highlight."

Roys said that all of the students moving on to college worked hard to get to where they are at.

"They're a great group of kids and we're going to miss them next year," he said.


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