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Proud of how Strawberry Festival has been handled in the past


I read the letters in the last issue of the North County Outlook from Marysville residents that have volunteered for years and through their efforts have made "our" Marysville Strawberry Festival event one of the best in the state, and now it is being taken over by non-residents of Marysville and it appears they are trying to turn it into a profitable event for their own personal needs. This event was started when the residents of Marysville volunteered their time and put their hearts into the parade and events for the past 50-plus years.

I didn't appreciate the letter from the new member of the Board for Maryfest stating that the old Board members resigned from the Board as they got their feelings "hurt." This is utterly ridiculous as these members have volunteered their services putting together a Grand Parade and event that makes us citizens of Marysville/Tulalip very proud as these volunteers made the Strawberry Festival events into what they are today.

Us older citizens of the Marysville/Tulalip area are proud of what these volunteers did, and as a member of the Tulalip Tribes I don't support the new Board of Maryfest when they publicly state the reasons for the resignations of prior Board members was because their feelings were hurt.

The Strawberry Festival is a "Community" event where the local citizens have always looked forward to the celebration and from the letter from the new Board it appears it is no longer a "Community" event.

We older citizens of Marysville are well aware of how our city has grown and we are proud to be from this area and have always loved how our Marysville Strawberry Festival has been handled in the past.

Virginia Carpenter



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