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MSD Superintendent named 'Citizen of the Year'


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Becky Berg

Marysville School District Superintendent Becky Berg was recognized for her work with Marysville schools and the community by the Snohomish County Camano Association of Realtors who named Berg as their 2016 Citizen of the Year.

She was presented with the award on Dec. 7.

"I was shocked at first, because I didn't really know about the organization or the award," said Berg, "but after I learned more about them I was really honored," she said.

The Snohomish County Camano Association of Realtors represents 1,600 realtors in the two neighboring counties.

"We're big on building community, because we're not just seeing a house, we're selling a community," said president-elect for the organization Natasha Zieroth.

The Citizen of the Year is the only award given to a non-member and it is meant to support individuals who have made significant contributions to their communities.

Zieroth said Berg was recognized with the award for her work to support "the whole child," both inside and outside of the classroom.

"It's the fact that she understands the dynamics of the community in the education of these students," said Zieroth.

Berg said that the community and school district can help with more than simply educating a child.

"It's at the core of who I am as an educator, and it's what I think should be at the core of education in this country," she said.

"We want our kids to be loved for who they are, and provide them all of the academic subjects, arts, physical education that they need to do that," she said.

To Berg, that means supporting all parts of the district's students.

"We want to help children thrive by encouraging them to have their own interests and hobbies, and that helps make for healthy citizens later," she said.

Zieroth has a child in the Marysville School District and is the person who nominated Berg for the award.

"We've seen first-hand why she's been so valuable to our school district," she said. "She not only does her job, but has made herself part of the community as well."

The district also serves many poor families and a number of diverse students, which can present challenges in education said Zieroth, but Berg has taken on those obstacles and worked to make sure all students have a good education, she said.

"And I don't want this district to be defined only by the shooting, so I hesitate to bring it up, but just the work that she's helped implement above and beyond what a school district has to do," deserves recognition, said Zieroth.

Berg wanted to thank all of the organizations that support the Marysville School District and help with her goals.

"We couldn't be a part a better community, all of our agencies, organization and tribes are all looking out for the kids," she said.

Zieroth said that the association will also be forwarding Berg as a candidate for the state version of the award as well.


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