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Magic Shears drive benefits CVH Oncology


Christopher Andersson

The box sitting at the Magic Shears in Arlington on Dec. 9 where they are collecting donations for the Cascade Valley Hospital's Oncology Department.

Arlington's Magic Shears is holding their annual collection for Cascade Valley Hospital's Oncology Department this December.

The owners of the local barber shop hold the annual collection in honor of their son who passed away about 11 years ago from cancer.

"Not a day goes by that we don't think about that," said Debbie Howell, one of the owners of Magic Shears.

They collect blankets, coloring books, crayons, small activity games and just kids toys to play to support Cascade Valley Hospital patients and families that are dealing with cancer. Howell said she plans to collect items until Dec. 23.

The Magic Shears is located at 306 N Olympic Ave., Arlington.

"There's not a lot to do in the hospital," said Howell.

Howell said she is happy to help patients who are going through a tough time.

"A lot of people these days play on their phone while at the hospital, but you can't do that in every area of the hospital, and I think it's important to have a game or just something to do with your family," she said.

"It helps them know that there is some joy or peace while sitting there," she said.

Howell said there are a lot of affordable ways to donate.

"I encourage parents to take their kids to get something at the Dollar Store and explain where it's going so they understand that there are some sick kids out there," she said.

She takes monetary donations as well. Last year Howell went out with around $200 to add to the donations.

After collecting for most of the month, Howell takes the items to Cascade Valley Hospital.

"I like to box up the stuff and bring it to the hospital," so they have the donations right away, she said.

Some of the blankets go to the emergency room as well.

"Sometimes the children come into the emergency room with just their jammies so they need something to warm them up," she said.

Howell originally collected donations for Fred Hutchinson when she started the donation program about 11 years ago, but wanted to help out the local hospital instead.

"I've had my business here for 35 years, and both my husband and I went to school here," she said, so Howell has long been part of the community. There was a lot of positive response helping out Cascade Valley Hospital as well.

Howell's son Cameron also has a foundation at the Cascade Valley Hospital. Anyone interested in donated can call the hospital.

Howell said she was appreciate of everyone who has donated items at Magic Shears. "I want to thank everyone who has donated throughout the years," she said.


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