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Lakewood presents 'A Christmas Carol'


Christopher Andersson

Lakewood High School students and a couple of elementary students take part in a Nov. 22 rehearsal of Lakewood High School's next play, "A Christmas Carol."

Lakewood High School's drama department will present the Charles Dickens' classic "A Christmas Carol" this December.

The play will be held at the Lakewood High School auditorium on Dec. 2, 3, 9 and 10, beginning at 7 p.m.

"A Christmas Carol" is the tale of the bitter miser and businessman Ebenezer Scrooge who is visited by the ghost of his former business partner and three spirits who help him realize that he must change his ways if he wants to live a meaningful life.

"Scrooge gets to realize that if he keeps doing what he's doing, people will die and people will lose their jobs and Scrooge himself will die and no one will care about his passing," said senior Devin Smith, who plays the lead role of Ebenezer Scrooge.

Smith said the story is a holiday classic for a reason.

"This is a classic play and every family should see it to celebrate the holidays," said Lakewood High School drama teacher Rebecca White. "It helps teach us all what we're really celebrating," she said.

"And the transformation of Scrooge is critical to the whole theme," she added.

Smith said it was fun and challenging playing a character that has such a strong change throughout the story.

"Playing Scrooge, you have two extremes. At the beginning of the play he hates everything and at the end he's happy-go-lucky, and you have to be everything in-between," he said.

The character is also a lot of work, said Smith.

"I'm on stage the entire time. I never come off, start to finish, so that can be kind of tiring," he said, "but it helps me play into the character, by the end I'm like 'I'm tired.'"

The play also presented unique and supernatural characters for many of the other actors.

Senior Zach Gibson, who plays the Ghost of Christmas Past, said he had to show many sides for his character to work.

"He's supposed to be the embodiment of the Christmas spirit and he just takes Scrooge around to see all the stuff that's going on right under his nose that he doesn't really see," he said.

"All of my characters have been grumpy, and this is one is supposed to be more Santa Claus-ish, and I have to play a character that he can be scared of, but also welcoming, so it's a lot different," he said.

Carter Wagner, a senior who plays Jacob Marley, Scrooge's former business partner, gets to return as a ghost to warn Scrooge of the three spirits who will visit him.

"He's got a unique character," said Wagner. "He's sort of grim and sad, and he's got an interesting costume with all the chains," he said.

Lakewood High School students said the audience would like the acting, the setting and their interpretations that they've brought to the story.

"People will appreciate the acting in this play," said Wagner.

Christopher Andersson

Lakewood High School students during a Nov. 22 rehearsal of the school's next play, "A Christmas Carol." From left, Devin Smith, playing Ebenezer Scrooge, Kyle Trapp, playing Fred, the nephew of Scrooge, and Croix Vanderpool, playing Bob Cratchit.

"We've always had good acting and I think this one speaks for itself as well," said Gibson.

Smith said that there's always something individual actors can add to the roles as well.

"That's the beauty of being a character, you get to fill his shoes and add your own things to it," said Smith.

The Victorian-era setting also brings out many old-fashioned costumes and props.

"We're trying to fill that out as much as we can," said Smith.

Multiple Lakewood High School alumni have returned to help with the play, as well as stagecraft help from an Arlington teacher.

Smith said a lot of effort has been put into the presentation.

"I've worked really hard on this play and I know many other people have too," he said.

Tickets for the show are available at the door. General admission is $10. Cost for children, students and seniors is $8. Doors open at 6:30 p.m.


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