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Carr's Hardware - A Marysville Classic


Having lived in Marysville from the ripe old age of one, I grew up in a totally different Marysville than what you see today. The streets were not as wide and the traffic was oh so much less.

My great uncle, Noble Olson, owned and operated the Marysville Co-Op, located, on State Street where the Marysville Towne Center Mall is now. The Co-Op actually came equipped with Cracker and Pickle Barrels. As the story goes my grandfather, Bill Seibert, would take me there with him and sit me on the barrels — that had to have been fun. Mike’s Saw Shop, owned by my great-uncle Mike Seibert, was located on 1st Street behind The Burger Stop and Ron’s Hamburger Stand was on south State Street just as you left Marysville. Those businesses, along with so many others, are where our not-so-little town came from.

Hilton Pharmacy is still where it has always been, as is the Dutch Bakery and of course — Carr’s Hardware. A place unlike any other, Carr’s Hardware was a fixture “back in the day.” I remember as a little girl, going in there with my grandfather and my dad. Mr. Carr was such a nice man and you felt like you had known him all your life, and in my case that was almost a fact. My grandparents lived across 4th Street from the beautifully landscaped white two-story house that was Mr. and Mrs. Carr’s. Halloween always meant Mrs. Carr’s caramel apples and popcorn balls, and a warm welcome as you went up to the door.

It was a fact that if you couldn’t find what you were looking for at the big box stores, just take a short drive down to 3rd Street and you could usually always find it at Carr’s and if not, they could order it for you. Walking into Carr’s has always felt as if you taking a walk back to the Marysville of old. The wood plank floors, merchandize of every description on shelves, hanging on the walls or sitting on the floor, so much in fact it was hard to choose. However, the wonderfully friendly people who worked there made your journey even more interesting. There was, and still is, a wonderful indescribable smell about Carr’s that made you feel at home, along with the smiles, and warm welcomes that greeted you as you entered. Those of us who patronized Carr’s over years will always have those wonderful memories of each time we walked through the front door— hearing the sound of old cash register, walking around on the wood floors and feeling the presence of Mr. Carr and all those who visited the wonderful place over the past 93 years.

Darlene, Gail, Maurice and family take with you, as you ring up that last sale on that trusty old cash register, sweep that wood floor for the last time, shut that welcoming front door and turn out the lights, the admiration, respect and love of so many generations of Marysville citizens and business owners. Know that Mr. Carr is smiling down on you and thanking you for all the years you gave to this community and walking out that door with you for the last time joining you for the next adventure. We will all miss Carr’s Hardware, but we will all carry with us the memories of a wonderful man and his family that gave so much to all of us … turn out the lights-but the party is just beginning.

Cheryl Deckard



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