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Please vote in the most important election of your lifetime


Having voted 27 times using “mail-in” ballot’s since September 2005, I was flabbergasted when I didn’t receive my Primary Election ballot. I called Snohomish County Elections the last week of July asking if it had been mailed. I was informed all ballots were sent out mid July. When I said I hadn’t received mine, the following astonished me:

1. I was told there was no record of my Voter Registration. When I pointed out I had lived in Marysville for the past 18 years and had always voted by “mail-in” ballot, I was told once again they had no record of my registration. So, I asked for a Supervisor.

2. The second person apologized for the situation and offered the excuse that the Auditor’s Office had recently hired a number of new employees and mistakes had been made. When this party could not find my records I was passed to another person.

3. I asked how, after eighteen years of voting in nearly all elections, could my registration disappear? I was told information from D.O.L. had most likely caused the problem. Again, the comment about many new employees was made, and rather than answer my question I got “let me look somewhere else.”

4. My third individual exclaimed “oh, here you are. You were tucked behind Juanita M…” Then she assured me a replacement ballet would be mailed and should be received no later than Saturday, July 30th. When I again asked how this could happened, I was informed of the new hires, and the call was ended.

This experience has generated several questions in my mind:

A. Why does the Auditors Office allow new hires to function unsupervised so as to affect registration?

A. What does the D.O.L. have to do with it?

B. Am I to believe that voter registration is filed by first name? James vs. Juanita is a pretty far reach. Iceland is the only country I am aware of that lists its citizens by first name.

C. Even though I deposited my ballot in the drop-box behind Marysville City Hall on July 31, I was unable to verify my ballot had been counted, as promised in the voter pamphlet, by going to I checked this site numerous times between 8/4 and 8/13. Late August I received a Voter Registration Card. I checked the County historical records which showed I had voted, something I could not verify using real time records.

With 115% voter turnout for the 2012 General Election at a Precinct in Philadelphia, all votes being for President Obama, fraud in the voting system is obvious. This phenomenon repeated itself over and over across our country. These happenings put me on alert to shenanigans in our voting process, and I experienced the above discrepancies in 2016, right here in Snohomish County.

County records show less than 20% of registered voters cast ballots during the Primary. This figure is astonishing. What did our forefathers risk their lives for? Or, is there more “behind the scene” manipulation?

This General Election, please, please vote. It will prove to be the most important election of your lifetime. If you don’t have ballot in hand by Oct. 22, call the Elections Office at 425-388-3444 for a replacement. If you are unable to get through, pay the Auditor a visit at 3000 Rockefeller Ave. This will also verify your registration. Check your ballot was counted at The future of your family and country, for multiple generations, will depend on you exercising your right and privilege to vote.

James P. Thorsteinson



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