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Students return to school


Christopher Andersson

Morzelewski, left, Lyla Morzelewski, center, and mother Emilee Morzelewski head to Pioneer Elementary for the first day of the new school year on Sept. 7.

Local school districts opened their doors for the new school year on Sept. 7 and welcomed returning and new students.

Lakewood, Marysville and Arlington school districts all opened most of their classes up during that day.

Local parent Kristen Lacic said that she and her son are both looking forward to the new school year and looking forward to being in a new school at Pioneer Elementary.

"I'm just excited to see how it goes. I've heard a lot of good things about this school," she said.

For many students it meant getting back in touch with friends and meeting new teachers for the upcoming year, which meant that many were excited to come back to their school.

"She cried on the last day of kindergarten last year so she's been counting down the days until she can come back," said local parent Felicia Cangemi, whose daughter is attending Pioneer Elementary this year.

Bringing kids back to their first day of school is often a big moment for parents as well.

"I feel like I'm more nervous than she is," said Cangemi.

The moment is another milestone for children and a symbol of their continuing growth.

Cangemi said it is exciting to watch her own daughter change.

"It's crazy to see just how much between kindergarten and first-grade she's grown," she said.

Local parent Julie Snook dropped her own daughter off at Getchell High School during the first day of school on Sept. 7.

She said she likes helping her daughter and keeping that connection to her school.

"I feel like I'm more part of her school life then," said Snook. "They just become independent so fast," she said.

Snook said she has watched her high school sophomore grow as well, and improve with things like her dedication to music.

Snook's daughter Katie is self-taught in piano and guitar, she said.

"Her confidence is amazing ... it's amazing to see her out there playing now and how much she's grown in her ability," she said.

There are milestones and changes for many students as they enter another new year of schooling.

"Lyla's in first-grade so she gets to have a full day with no play, and Ryan is in fifth so it's his last year here at Pioneer," said local parent Emilee Morzelewski, whose children go to Pioneer Elementary.

Morzelewski said that the new school year coming is good as it gives children more things to do.

"I'm excited for my kids to go to school, they get bored during the summer," she said. "And I'm excited for them to experience learning, and I want them to be with their teachers and friends."


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