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Voters reject sales tax increases

Proposed sales tax increases would have funded public safety measures for Marysville and Snohomish County


Two sales tax measures that would have funded public safety measures in Snohomish County and Marysville are currently failing according to preliminary results from the Aug. 2 primary election.

Marysville Public Safety Tax

Marysville’s public safety sales tax proposal would raise the city’s sales tax by 0.1 percent to fund additional police officers.

It is currently failing with 52.64 percent of voters rejecting the measure.

“If the measure had passed, the city would have added five more police officers, however that is not what happened,” said Connie Mennie, the communications officer for the City of Marysville.

Public safety is a top concern for citizens, she said, so “public safety will continue to be a top priority for the city regardless,” she said.

City officials are currently looking toward Marysville’s next step.

“There have been some discussions about alternatives that we can head to in the future, but we don’t have a consensus on the direction for that yet,” said Mennie.

“We are still hoping we will be able to increase officers for the department,” she said.

With the city currently heading into a budget season, Mennie expects that city officials will be looking at how they can add officers.

“We are going to look into more staff with our available resources,” she said. “We’re going to add officers where we can, although it won’t be five at once,” she said.

Snohomish County Public Safety Tax

Snohomish County’s proposed public safety sales tax would raise sales tax across the county by 0.2 percent to fund additional deputies and increase social measures to combat addiction.

The race is currently close, however 50.25 percent of voters are rejecting the measure.

Kent Patton, communications director of the county, said the funds would have gone to 35 new deputies to the department and a number of embedded social workers to help those dealing with addiction.

Part of the reason the county put the measure out for a vote is for the guidance of the voters, he said.

“We presented a holistic approach to this problem, and voters have to decide if that is a priority for them,” he said.

Other Races

Numerous other races were also on the primary ballot. The two candidates in each race who receive the most votes, regardless of party preference, will move on to the November General Election.

In the race for the Washington’s 2nd District Representative, the two candidates who received the most votes include incumbent Rick Larsen, who received 34,487 votes, 50.25 percent, and Marc Heinemann who received 22.696 votes, 33.07 percent.

The 2nd Congressional District covers much of west Snohomish County and stretches up to Bellingham.

In the race for the 38th District Representative Position 1, June Robinson ran unopposed and received 15,197 votes, 94.62 percent. In the race for the 38th District Representative Position 2, Mike Sells received 13,266 votes, 68.49 percent, and Bert Johnson received 5,918 votes, 30.55 percent.

The 38th District includes Tulalip and parts of Marysville and Everett.

In the race for the 39th District Senator, Kirk Pearson ran unopposed and received 14,976 votes, 95.49 percent. In the race for the 39th District Representative Position 1, Dan Kristainsen received 11,573 votes, 60.24 percent, while Linda Wright received 7,581 votes, 39.46 percent. In the race for the 39th District Representative Position 2, John Koster received 11,273 votes, 58.11 percent, while Ronda Metcalf received 7,202 votes, 37.12 percent.

The 39th District includes parts of rural Arlington and much of rural Snohomish County.

In the race for 44th District Representative Position 1, John Lovick received 13,842 votes, 50.79 percent, while Janice Huxford received 12,597 votes, 46.22 percent. In the race for the 44th District Representative Position 2, Mark Harmsworth received 13,677 votes, 51.44 percent, and Katrina Ondracek received 8,450 votes, 31.78 percent.

The 44th District includes parts of Marysville, Lake Stevens and Mill Creek.

The results listed above are current as of Aug. 6. The election will be certified by the canvassing board on Aug. 16. 

For complete results from the Aug. 2 Primary Election, go to the Snohomish County Elections website at


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