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Why aren't our flags at half staff?


Over the last couple of days we have had an unsettling amount of violence in our country.  On Friday [July 8] we wake up to see five police officers gunned downed at an event were people where peacefully protesting. Yes, we have seen questionable events over the last year where these protest are warranted, but it doesn’t justify that our officers are gunned down. We have millions of officers, firefighters, and medics that see horrific situations every day. We have officers that throw themselves on people that are protesting to protect them from gunfire. We have millions of officers that do “Protect and Serve” every day and night.

When we have a tragic event like we did, we should recognize them for their service. Friday afternoon I went to lay flowers at the base of our police department’s flag pole and I see it was still at full staff. I decided to go in and let them be aware that the country was instructed to put flags at half-staff. I was politely told that doing so was the “city’s responsibility.”  City Hall’s flag was also at full staff.

Are we (Marysville) that tied up that we (Marysville) cannot pay respect to fallen officers?  Marysville might only be a thumbtack on a map, but our city leaders should have more respect for the people who serve them and this country. 

Dave Siemering



Reader Comments

Marysville writes:

I agree whole heartedly with you. While it may have been an oversight it is one that I have seen happen more than once. We as a city should have more respect. It is one small thing that is asked of us we should be jumping at the chance to show our support and unit as one! It is shameful to know we are part of a city that doesn't take this sort of request as seriously as they should


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