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Marysville Farmers Market open for summer


Christopher Andersson

stand at the Marysville Farmers Market on July 16.

The Marysville Farmers Market is back open for the summer and will be open every Saturday until the first weekend of October.

The market is located in the Marysville City Hall parking lot at 1035 State Ave., and is open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

This is the second year for the farmers market hosted by the Allen Creek Community Church.

While previous farmers markets in the city have closed in the past, church members are optimistic about keeping this one going.

"Last year we had a really good first year," said Tina Waldo, a volunteer at the church and the volunteer market manager.

"We've kind of learned a little bit about how we get the word out. A lot of it is going to be how we get that word out and spreading the message," she said. "That's going to be the key to keeping it going," she said.

This year they have seen "a little bit" of an increase in visitors. Waldo said that vendors also came to them to be involved this year, and there is an increase in them as well.

"A lot of vendors wanted to come back and be a part of it again," Waldo said.

In addition to berries, lettuces and other agricultural products, there are a variety of crafts at the market.

Local Nicole Porter said she came to support small farmers. "I like to support local produce and things like that," she said.

She also enjoyed the food she bought the previous week.

"Their berries were really good last time. They were fresh and delicious," she said.

Waldo said the market is a good chance to meet the people who make your products as well.

"All of our vendors are really nice and friendly. You can meet the person that's making your candles or your soap, and make connections with them," she said.

Christopher Andersson

Elizabeth Muntean, an intern at Skinny Kitty Farms, helps package some lettuce at the Marysville Farmers Market on July 16.

Elizabeth Muntean, an intern at Skinny Kitty Farms in Mount Vernon, said she likes to meet with the community at the market.

"I get to talk to people about what they're growing in their gardens so I get a conversation between our Marysville farmers," she said.

Regular musical performances are a new addition this year, said Waldo, who added that the market is part of the church's mission to be a "church without walls" by reaching out to the community.

"We're building a sense of community outside of our church, and to give a place for people to come and hang out and get some good food," she said.

Although sponsored by the Allen Creek Community Church, she notes that all are welcome to come down.

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