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Birds of Prey land at library


Christopher Andersson

Kestrel SkyHawk, education director for the Sarvey Wildlife Center, shows a golden eagle to kids on June 29.

Arlington kids got an up-close look at eagles, falcons and vultures from the Sarvey Wildlife Center as part of the Arlington Library's kick-off for their Explore Summer program.

Kids came to Presidents Elementary in Arlington on June 29 to see the birds.

"A lot of kids get to see animals from far away, but they don't get see them up close and personal, and learn about them and learn what they can do to help them and how what they do affects the birds," said Lesla Wolf, a children's librarian with the Sno-Isle libraries.

"It helps them be more aware of their community and how they are connected to their community," she said.

Sarvey Wildlife Center, an Arlington nonprofit that helps save injured or displaced wild animals, brought their staff and volunteers to show two eagles, a falcon and a turkey vulture to the kids.

"Any opportunity I get to help teach young people how to respect wild animals and enjoy them is a good thing, because chances are when they get older they won't do the kinds of things that are detrimental to them," said Kestrel SkyHawk, education director at the center.

Kids also learned about the environmental effects human can have on birds, like the history around the pesticide DDT and why the substance is now banned for most uses in the U.S.

She hopes that the kids can build a better future for the birds.

"Part of our program is to have to a conservation message. It's great to have the birds and have them look, what a better way to appreciate something then up close and personal, but we also have to make sure it's not just fun, there's a serious component," she said.

Library officials said they enjoy working with Sarvey Wildlife Center and the birds are usually popular with the kids.

"They're local birds and it's a local nonprofit organization, so it's two-fold. They get to learn about the birds that live around them, and Sarvey is an amazing organization and I don't know if they get enough credit," said Sno-Isle library associate Emily Zimmer.

Wolf said that it encourages that "vein of discovery" for kids. "It teaches them to be curious about the world around them," she said.

The birds themselves are also enjoyable, she said.

"I just personally really like seeing the birds. I have a secret degree in biology so that's fun for me," said Wolf.

The event helped kickoff the Arlington Library's "Explore Summer" series.

"Part of the goal for Explore Summer is to keep kids reading, interested in exploring their surroundings and busy during the summer," said Wolf.

The series will continue for an additional five Tuesdays at the Arlington Library, beginning at 2 p.m., where they will exploring topics from kaleidoscopes to golf.

The series is for kids ages 6 and up and is free and open to the public.

The Friends of the Arlington Library and the Sno-Isle Libraries Foundation help fund these events, said Wolf.

More information about library events and the Explore Summer series is available at More information about Sarvey Wildlife Center is available at


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