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Marysville defeats Stilly Valley


Andrew Hines

Marysville's Kobi O'Conner slides in safe as Still Valley's Carston Hayes gets the ball late at Evans Field on May 26.

Marysville and Stilly Valley came into their game as two very different teams. From the first inning Marysville went up 1-0 and kept racking up runs every inning for the rest of the game. Stilly Valley went scoreless through five innings and the game ended with a score of 15-0 on May 26.

Preston Kjellesvik slowed down the bats of Marysville as he only allowed four runs through the first three innings. Unfortunately, in the fourth Marysville came out swinging and put up five more runs. At this point it seemed like a lot of Stilly Valley players became deflated and began to coast the rest of the matchup.

"We really needed to stay in the game. We had some kids who weren't really in it. They kind of gave up half way through and became more interested in watching instead of playing. We need to focus on getting them repositioned into staying in the game. We haven't had a practice in a couple of weeks, all we've had is games. I think getting into a practice, do some hitting, some fielding and just getting everyone reset. I think that'll be a good start to the tournament for us," said Stilly Valley coach Chris Bullock.

Marysville had a lot of amazing appearances at the plate from Chase Brammer, Parker Devareau, and Terran Pablo. Brammer made contact all day and had a big hit in the last inning as he racked up a double, grand slam and five RBIs. Devareau showed off his incredible speed as he had an in-the-park homerun late in the game. Finally, Pablo played a consistent game as he had two singles and two RBIs.

"I want these kids to be focused, playing inning to inning. Don't go in there thinking that you can't be beat. It doesn't matter what the other team's record is because on any given day you can be beat. I want them to be up and ready to go," said Marysville coach Leo Carlos.

"I will be the first one to talk to them about what they did wrong, and I will also be the first one to compliment them when they do something great. They don't give up and they don't put their heads down. That shows me that I did my job as a coach when they walk away being a better person and being a better player," said coach Carlos on coaching Little League.


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