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Rest Easy Hair Clinic opens in Arlington


Christopher Andersson

Officials and local community members cut the ribbon to the Rest Easy Hair Clinic on April 16. From left, Arlington Mayor Barbara Tolbert, Sherine Wenzel's daughter Laila Berger, owner of the hair clinic Sherine Wenzel, and husband Michael Wenzel.

The first hair clinic in Snohomish County specifically devoted to head lice opened their doors on April 18.

The Rest Easy Hair Clinic is designed to be a local option for head lice removal and opened in Arlington at 3710 168th St. NE, Unit B101.

Owner Sherine Wenzel said that head lice are becoming increasingly resistant to over-the-counter treatments, and because of that there is a need for in-person head lice clinics.

"My daughter's friends kept coming home from school with lice and I was witnessing them getting frustrated having to treat it over and over, and having to spend hundreds of dollars to treat it," she said. "I come to find that the over-the-counter treatments were not working because the lice are completely resilient to the over-the-counter medicines."

Wenzel said that many media outlets are calling the new lice "super lice," although they are just normal lice who have evolved resistances to common treatments.

Washington state is one of 25 states that have lice that are now highly resistant to the most common chemicals used to kill lice, according to research from Southern Illinois University.

Wenzel uses the Shepherd method to remove lice, which is natural, non-toxic and "the most effective way of getting rid of head lice," she said.

The method involves a thorough comb-out of the hair and a step-by-step process of procedures that ensures all strands of hair get checked and the eggs removed from the head.

The clinic charges a flat fee for treatment.

They plan to collect a donation pool for low-income families to draw from.

A followup re-check is also included in the payment for a treatment.

The clinic will also sell lice repellent, which is basically a "do-it-yourself kit" to keep lice away, said Wenzel.

Wenzel hopes to get the word out to stop the spread of lice.

"We need to educate the public, first off, because people don't know what it is, and to help treat them the natural and effective way," she said.

She said one common myth is that head lice can jump or fly, but they actually can not, and they spread by head-to-head contact.

"They can only spread from head-to-head contact and sharing personal items, that's the only way you can get head lice," she said.

The "selfie" trend, where teenagers and children take self-pictures with their phone, may actually be causing lice to spread faster since it is causing so much head-to-head contact when people scrunch together for a photo, said Wenzel.

Lice are not a sign of bad hygiene, and the eggs are more important than the live bugs to stop the spreading, she said.

Many school districts have a "no live bugs" policy for students, but allow students with eggs in their head to continue going to school, which is counterproductive, she said.

The Rest Easy Hair Clinic will be open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and they plan to accommodate evenings by appointment.

For more information visit their Facebook page, their website at or call 360-322-7540.


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