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As a local business owner, taxpayer, a graduate of the Marysville School District, and ardent supporter of quality K-12 education, I wholeheartedly support the Marysville school bond measure on the April 26 ballot.

I feel the school bond measure will help our local economy prosper, providing economic opportunities for individuals, local business, and Marysville and Tulalip communities overall.

Our school district has done an exceptional job keeping our school-owned facilities running well, but they are deteriorating — some faster than others — and maintenance can only take you so far. We have 46-65 year old schools that are a key part of this bond package that require replacement, modernization and upgrades. These are the schools where timing and need are the strongest. Despite their age, these elder schools continue to serve students, but awkward use of classroom space, outmoded designs and inadequate security don’t present a setting that gives our children a full leg-up on academic achievement, nor teachers and staff to help prepare them for a bright, productive future.

The school bond measure is a great opportunity to maximize available funds, leverage those dollars with the state Capitol Budget funds, and move forward to get the most out of our educational dollars here at home for the good of our children, and thriving local economy that has good jobs waiting for them when they enter the workforce.

Please vote “Yes” on Marysville School District’s Proposition No. 1 when your absentee ballot arrives.

Daryn Bundy



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