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I support the fireworks ban


I congratulate the four City Council members who demonstrated the courage to vote for the fireworks ban.

It's sad that the widespread irresponsibility and lack of consideration by revelers made this necessary. Pets traumatized, combat vets reliving their personal hell and 9-1-1 taking over 2 hours to reach are totally unacceptable. Perhaps stricter compliance and enforcement of the state laws defining "safe and sane" fireworks would have mitigated the problem but the vast majority were well beyond that with some I suspect being in violation of ATF rules on explosives.

I would hope that until the ban goes into effect that our police department ensures that all fireworks meet state guidelines and enforces the hours they may be discharged.

As for Councilman Vaughn's disapproval of criminalizing possession of fireworks, I would submit that 99 percent of the offending fireworks are already illegal to possess under state and federal law and subject to civil and criminal penalties. I would suggest to Police Chief Rick Smith that discharging an obviously illegal fireworks within city limits is prima facie evidence of possession and not given any leeway as far as his arbitrary interpretation of the "spirit of the law.”

Jack Blackwell



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