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Schools deserve our support


Renewal of the Arlington School District’s levy for Educational Programs and Operations is of high priority for all of us because “Good Schools Make Good Communities.” This gives us all a vested interest in seeing that the proposition passes.

We agreed to chair the Citizen’s Committee working on passage of the issue because we have additional vested interests. John and Kimberly have four children being educated by our schools and Dave has two grandchildren in school with one more soon to join. He also has several nieces and nephews still attending Arlington Public Schools.

About 24 percent of the District’s revenue comes from our local levy. It includes funding for basic education which the State Supreme Court has said should be paid fully by the State, but is not. So far the legislature has not figured out a way to accomplish this, so reliance on the special levy is necessary. Our school directors are committed to rolling back that portion of the levy used for basic education if the State Legislature acts.

Think how it would be if suddenly your family lost 24% of its income. Something would have to be cut! Not only would funds for basic education have to be cut, but funding for safety, emergency preparedness, transportation, technology, staffing and extracurricular activities would be in jeopardy.

The Arlington School District has been recognized by the State Auditor and at the Federal level for its sound fiscal management. The Puget Sound Business Journal has recognized our neighborhood as the fourth best in the Puget Sound based on the quality of its schools.

We urge you to join us in voting “Yes” for the District’s Educational Programs and Operations Levy. It is not a new tax but a renewal. Ballots are due back on or before February 9.


Citizens Committee for Arlington Schools

Kimberly Meno, Co-chair

John Meno, Co-chair

Dave Duskin, Co-chair


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