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Skate shop Unknown opens in Marysville


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Graham Callan holding one of his skateboards at his shop, Unknown, on Sept. 18.

Graham Callan hopes to combine his passion for art and skateboarding at his recently opened skate shop Unknown, located in central Marysville.

"Its definitely my mission to bring art and skateboarding to one place," he said.

Callan is a professional artist who has worked at Pike Place Market and in the skateboard industry for 12 years, and now returns to his hometown of Marysville to open a local shop.

His store is at 9920 State Ave. in Marysville.

The shop will carry skateboards with art from a collection of different artists, apparel, shoes, safety equipment, pro skateboards, and components to build and upgrade skateboards.

The store will be the only shop dedicated to skateboards between Seattle and Mount Vernon, according to Callan.

Although he carries many of the skateboards you could get elsewhere, Callan also said he wants to support small artists and have designs you won't find in many other places.

"We try really hard to be driven by stuff that's artistic. In this day and age things are watered down, so we really try to support that art," he said.

In the future he also hopes to bring in more equipment to make products like embroidered hats and stickers himself.

"I hope to offer more of a custom touch and get away from that corporate skateboarding side. I would rather make money with my hands and my mind and have people get one-of-a-kind items or at least something unique that you can't find anywhere else," he said.

Callan said he has enjoyed art ever since he was a child.

"Art is just who I am. As long as I can remember, I wanted to draw. I wanted to stay inside on the weekend and create a dungeon out of my head or just G.I. Joe characters," he said.

He remembers winning art contests at Shoultes Elementary and illustrating some parts of the weekly newspaper at the school there.

He also grew up with skateboarding, but looking at the designs on the bottom of the skateboard was what got him into graphic design in the first place, he said.

Callan still enjoys skateboarding, he said.

"It's definitely changed with the Internet and social media, but there's still something about it that's still a little punk rock," he said.

Callan's store Unknown was previously open in Marysville in 2006, but he closed it down to fully pursue a career as an artist in Pike Place Market. Later he would re-open the store in Bellingham, but now has moved to Marysville.

He said the store is still a work in progress and "not anywhere close to where I want to get."

Although only open a couple of months, Callan has helped sponsor contests and events like a memorial jam at the Marysville Skate Park and an upcoming race at the Centennial Trail in Arlington.

He hopes to continue being part of the community, he said.


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