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Rants & Raves 9/2/15


RAVE: The Tulalip canoe races was a great event to watch. That was a tough but beautiful course for some, the 6- and 11-man canoes especially, with the beautiful sunset. Can’t wait for Tulalip to host again next year.

RAVE: The Qwuloolt estuary restoration in Marysville seems to be a great project. Human development has removed many habitats from the ecosystem, so if we can make efforts to reverse that in land that wasn’t even being used anymore that seems an appropriately good goal.

RAVE: The rain we got last weekend was much needed, but unfortunately it was accompanied by a significant windstorm. Hopefully everyone has gotten their power back on.

RANT: People who say “my child could do that” when looking at art. I’m sure your child could do that, but your child didn’t, wouldn’t and definitely doesn’t understand why that particular piece speaks to people or makes people feel. Art is not about seeing who has the highest amount of technical prowess with a paintbrush.

RANT: Russell Wilson should not be promoting water with claims of concussion injury reduction. Both of the studies that support that claim are funded by the company which produces it and have been debunked. This is different from regular promotion, because it is actively harmful. I mean I’ll still root for the Seahawks, but let’s not tie ourselves into silly justifications for what is clearly a bad thing to do.

RAVE: Hooray for a stronger liberal voice like Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary races. I have no idea if he can or should win the primaries, but at least it brings a more sharply progressive voice to the conversation.

RAVE: With students returning to local schools next week, drivers need to be extra careful. Students also need to be careful as they walk to the bus stop or to school.

RANT: For all of those studies about iceberg (my favorite) not having ant nutrition, I’m putting a multi-vitamin in my salad dressing.

RAVE: Thank you to all of the drivers on State Avenue and 88th Street during the power outage. Everyone was so considerate of each other and careful to take “their turn.” No one was aggressive or valued their delay over others. Nice to see some calm in the storm.

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