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Rants & Raves 7/29/15


RAVE: Blessings to the City of Marysville for one of its courthouse employees (a Court Clerk) who went completely out of her way on Thursday, July 23, by going home and bringing back a broom to help sweep away the broken glass on the ground at the intersection of Grove and 71st Avenue NE when she drove by and saw a cyclist on their hands and knees trying to clean it up. Good to see that City of Marysville employees actually care about the city beyond their job. Way to go.

RANT: Speeders on E. Gilman Avenue. All day and all night.

RANT: People not picking up after their pets.

RANT: My rant is folks who let their trees and shrubs grow over the sidewalk. There are many walkers in Arlington and we don’t appreciate having to walk around your greenery in the street.

RANT: Folks who have continuous 3 or 4 day “weekend” front yard, back yard garage-carport sales every weekend, all summer. The cardboard box signs are an eyesore, the folks parking blocking the alley create a problem for neighbors who need to get in and out of their garages. Many towns have rules governing how many sales one address may have in a year and how long the sale may be held.

RAVE: The Aug. 4 primary election is less than a week away. Races appearing on the local ballots, depending on where you reside, include County Executive, County Council, Lakewood School District No. 306 Director District No. 3, Fire District 21 Commissioner Position No. 2, and Prop. 1, the North County Regional Fire Authority. If you haven’t already mailed your ballot it must be postmarked no later than Aug. 4, or you can use the ballot drop box in Arlington, near the Library at 135 N. Washington Ave., or the ballot drop box In Marysville, behind City Hall at 1049 State Ave. Ballots can be dropped of until 8 p.m. on election day. Get involved in your community and vote.

RANT: It seems some of the M’s best players have been in Tacoma all season. What’s up with that?

RANT: I thought the city was cracking down on panhandlers with its “Keep The Change, Don’t Support Panhandling” efforts but I continue to see them asking for money.

RAVE: A new trail in downtown Marysville will be a benefit to the surrounding area in terms of recreation, but it will also be good just to see the Qwuloolt estuary area as it is restored to an estuary. Although the area is adjacent to downtown Marysville it’s hard to get to and kind of secluded, so not a lot of people know what’s going on with the pretty neat environmental restoration currently happening.

RANT: More money is lost to wage theft in the U.S. than regular theft or people getting mugged on the street, yet we don’t devote nearly the amount of money to preventing wage theft that we do the more normal types of theft. We should be putting money into public safety, but our lack of resources to prevent wage theft hurts poor Americans every year who have phantom breaks added into their time cards or missing hours on every pay stub every week.

RANT: If the upcoming presidential campaign ends up being Jeb Bush vs. Hillary Clinton I’m going to be very disappointed. Americans moved away from England to get away from political dynasties and it appears we’re just creating our own now.

RAVE: Hooray for two different firings of public figures this week after they said racist things (Colin Cowherd and Hulk Hogan). Cowherd in particular has made a history of saying really dumb racist things on ESPN so it’s nice to see that there is a line somewhere where things are not okay.

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YardSale writes:

Response to RANT: Folks who have continuous 3 or 4 day “weekend” front yard, back yard garage-carport sales every weekend, all summer. -- The city of Marysville allows only two back-to-back yard sales at a time. So if your neighbor is creating a hazard or an inconvenience to your access too many times in a row, then you may contact the police. If you just are annoyed for a one or two-time yard sale, then do not be a Nazi notifying the police; leave them alone.


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