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Rants & Raves 7/15/15


RAVE: A huge shoutout to the North County Outlook for making my first internship the most amazing experience. I have learned so much in just the few weeks I have been here and absolutely love the staff. Thank you all so much for being so great.

RANT: Parents, please make sure to not make others around you uncomfortable with the way you discipline your children. Cursing, yelling and screaming at your children is extremely ineffective and causes others around you to become uncomfortable. Please parents, don’t do it.

RANT: Residents who let their grass & weeds grow 12 inches tall ... or higher.

RANT: What is it with people who litter without a care in the world. The litter along the roads and highways is bad enough, but when someone visits Twin Lakes park in Smokey Point, it’s disgusting to see all the litter in the lake, along the shore, and throughout the park. Learn some manners and use the trash cans. That goes for picking up after your dogs, too.

RAVE: In Internet news, website community giant Reddit finally banned the “r/fatpeoplehate” community. It was a long drawn out fight about free speech and the ideals of free speech in private organizations, but “r/fatpeoplehate” was a bullying community that sought out pictures of those they deemed “fat” and harassed them online. I’m open to the free expression of idea, but Reddit doesn’t have to host harassment if they don’t want to and I’m glad they finally kicked them out.

RANT: Reducing teen pregnancy should be simpler than we make it out to be. Colorado provided absolutely free birth control IUDs and other implants and saw teen pregnancy drop by 40 percent in the four years after they implemented the program. That’s a shockingly high number that’s worked better than anything else, yet I don’t think that program will catch on because when people talk about “reducing teen pregnancy” they actually seem to be motivated by a moral against sex, not what’s actually in the interest of teens across the nation, which is unfortunate and also not what an impartial government should be doing.

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Reader Comments

kpb writes:

I'm responding to the rant aricle about residents letting their weeds grow so high.I agree & its an eyesore in the neighborhood. It made me motivated to pull mine before they got like that.Pulled my weeds at 9pm last night before we have this hot weather come our way again.Thankyou for the great article, it got me going.


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