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Rants & Raves 7/8/15


RAVE: A huge thank you to everyone who helped put on the various Fourth of July activities this year. There was something fun to do for everyone in the family. What a great example of the community coming together and it’s just one of the many reasons we love Arlington.

RANT: To the little family that parked on 47th Avenue in Arlington to go watch fireworks on 195th with their friends, it would have been really nice if you could have taken your bag of dirty diapers home and disposed of them properly, rather than leaving them all over the side of the road.

RANT: Ban fireworks for the love of God. All the grass is brown and highly flammable. The fire department does not have enough resources to deal with the amount of fires that will consume us. Please think smart

RANT: If I have to pick up one more cigarette butt at any of our parks for children, I am going to lose it! Please be respectful of others if you smoke! The worst thing to see as a parent is a toddler or baby mouthing a nasty cigarette butt YOU left behind! pocket your butts! Respect Community space.

RANT: Whoever thinks it’s funny to tip the Lake Goodwin Community park’s handicap portapotty every night needs to rethink their life. If your that bored, maybe you should be the one to clean it up next time! Poor park rangers have had to clean it at least 4 times this week alone.

RAVE: Thanks to the group or groups handing out free bottled water during this year’s Fourth of July festivities in Arlington. It was a very hot day and a source of good free water was very appreciated.

RANT: That the Women’s Soccer World Cup was played on turf instead of grass is a definite reflection of how seriously FIFA cares about its players. While there are the occasional high-level men’s matches played on turf, there is a definite preference to give them grass especially the higher up in the tournament you go. The World Cup is only one match so you only have to find one stadium that has grass and FIFA couldn’t be bothered to do that.

RAVE: Earlier last week Wisconsin was about to slash their state open records laws, preventing the public from accessing nearly all records created by state and local government officials. When I heard that I had just about given up on Wisconsin as a state, but after public backlash and a lot of criticism their governor appears he is not going to sign the bill and it will go back to the legislature. Now bipartisan support seems to go against those clauses cutting public access and no one is really sure who added those clauses in the first place. Good for the Wisconsin public for getting their legislators to back down on this one.

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