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Rants and Raves 5/20/15


RANT: We all know, but the Legislators in Olympia do not know, that the paramount duty of this state of Washington is to fund the public schools 100 percent. I have lived here since 1967 and taught first-grade for 30 great years in the fine City of Marysville. Marysville teachers, parents and other districts marched to Olympia 43 years ago this spring. Our baby daughter was 3 months old and we hired a sitter for this event and we participated tirelessly. The sad thing is: We’re still marching for the cause to Olympia.

RAVE: Thanks to the handicapped-driver licensed man who bypassed the marked parking space to another regular parking spot, allowing this older gent to use the privileged parking.

RANT: The association that sleeping in later than normal somehow equals laziness is a false association that needs to go away. “Chonotypes” (i.e. being a morning person or a night person) are a real biological thing that have been studied and confirmed. The ability of your body to wake up at a certain time has more to do with the way your body is reacting to its circadian rhythm than willpower. Morning people need to get off their high horses and let me hit my snooze button one more time.

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