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Rants and Raves 4/22/15


RAVE: Nice to see everyone helping out at the Shred-a-Thon. Very appreciated and great community spirit with all donations going to the Marysville Food Bank. Just a win-win all the way around.

RAVE: To Sno Co Express Fastpitch for their choice for a fundraiser. It was great to get rid of unwanted clothes and have it benefit them. I’d much rather do that then have another sweet item in my freezer.

RAVE: Thanks to all of the volunteers at the Shred-A-Thon this weekend. We owe so much to the local groups and people who seem to always be helping out on their own time and energy.

RAVE: Thanks so much to the Smokey Point Community Church which had 400 members out recently as their service day providing to the Senior Center, Boys & Girls Club and others.

RANT: Christine Gregoire promoted the State Lottery declaring that the monies would be used for education, however the monies went into the general fund and our schools received very little, if any funds. She also gave herself a $5000 raise and as she exited office we found our state in poor financial state. Jay Inslee’s first executive order was to give his entire staff a raise and now he wants to pillage more taxes from, we the people, because there is no money to sustain our states needs. What is worse, is that we are baited by promises of “more funds for our schools” that never seem to happen.

RAVE: Kids Kloset in Arlington is wonderful for their generosity providing clothes twice a year to homeless kids and low-income families.

RAVE: Thanks and congratulations to the Everett Silvertips for such a great season. Unfortunately their season came to an end April 19 when they lost game 5 of the second-round playoff series to the Portland Winterhawks.

RANT: The phrase “sharing economy” needs to never be used again. It makes it sound nicer than independent contractors who get have none of the legal protections of contractors and all the disadvantages of being an employee. Uber drivers have to put up their own cars and other equipment to work for Uber but the profits that would normally be put into vehicle maintenance are returned to Uber instead. Frankly put, Uber and similar companies are just squeezing the law into a new way to exploit workers and slap the friendly-sounding label “sharing economy” on it to make it sound like they’re doing something new and awesome.

RAVE: Good job New Orleans Pelicans for winning their last game of the season to prevent the Oklahoma City Thunder from getting into this year’s NBA playoffs. It may be petty, but this still gives me joy.

RANT: Stop throwing garbage out of your car. Have a little pride in your community.

RANT: To the police who continue to drive on State Avenue at 65-plus m.p.h. One day they’re going to get one good -did I say T-bone.

RAVE: Thanks to the Arlington Kiwanis for the help they recently provided in repairing the Cocoon House’s fence. The work was really needed and greatly appreciated.

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