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Rants and Raves 4/8/15


RAVE: A big “Thank You” to all those who helped put on Marysville’s annual Easter Egg Hunt. It was a great day for kids of all ages. It’s these types of community events that make Marysville a great place to live.

RAVE: Drivers need to take extra care this week as some of the local school districts are on Spring Break and the children will be out and about.

RANT: To those drivers who feel entitled to push their way across traffic when exiting I-5 at 206 northbound and want to turn north onto Smokey Point Boulevard. Most drivers don’t like it when the same is done to them.

RAVE: Thanks to all of the volunteers who took part of their weekend to help local cities put on Easter egg hunts last weekend.

RAVE: Baseball’s opening day is this week. No more having to look at predictions or projections of what might happen and time to find out what’s actually going to happen. No more having to wonder at the potential of James Paxton and Taijuan Walker, and time to watch what they can do. There will be actual baseball things to talk about soon.

RAVE: Help support the Silvana Fair by attending a night of Bingo on April 12 at Viking Hall in Silvana, 1331 Pioneer Highway. The event is hosted by the Silvana Fair Board. Doors open at 5 p.m. with Bingo starting at 6 p.m. Snack Bar will be available. Proceeds from Bingo will go toward safety improvements for the Silvana Fair which will be held on July 25.

RANT: It’s important to assume good faith in your friends. By that I mean assuming that others are saying what they mean and have no malicious motives behind their words. If you can’t trust a friend to speak in good faith then who can you ever trust.

RANT: “Religious freedom” has become the new dog whistle phrase for people who don’t want to treat others equally. No one is saying you can’t hold your own religious beliefs or have your own opinions, but the American ideal is about everyone having opportunity, and when you literally allow certain classes of citizens to be shut out of the free market you’re being both selfish and un-American.

RANT: People need to pay closer attention to the traffic lights. It seems that at many of the intersections in Marysville, people ignore the traffic lights and make left turns even after the left-turn light has turned red.

RAVE: Thanks to the city crews who planted and maintain the flower beds along portions of State Avenue. They are a great addition to the city and are nice to look at when stuck in the traffic on State Avenue.

RANT: Is it just me or are there more trains passing through Marysville every day?

RAVE: Thank you to the students from WSU who recently volunteered and helped out on projects in Arlington. They helped repair several areas on the Arlington Rotary Disc Golf Course at Twin Rivers Park. Their hard work is appreciated.

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