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Rants and Raves 3/18/15


RANT: House and fence painting season is coming soon please be respectful to your neighborhood and neighbors and select warm colors not bright blue, yellow, green, pink, barn red, turquoise, orange.

RANT: Will Ferrell playing for 10 major league baseball teams last week in spring training was not a “disgrace to the game.” Spring training games are well-publicized training exercises, not actual games. And even if you do consider them actual games, stop taking your game so seriously, he was raising money for cancer after all. There’s no reason to take the side of cancer in this silly argument.

RAVE: Congratulations to Eastern Washington University who made the NCAA Tournament for the second time in school history.

RAVE: Thank you to the group of teenagers who stopped to help me when my grocery bag broke onto the sidewalk. Very polite and very appreciated.

RANT: When you get your mail at the post office please don’t read it in your car and hold up customers waiting for your parking place.

RANT: At a stop light don’t leave a car length in front of the next car. Cars are trying to get through intersections pull up and give more room for other drivers.

RANT: I see more and more teenagers forgetting the lessons taught as a young person about not tossing their trash and bottles on the ground. Parents please give them a reminder.

RANT: Smokers can be so rude about their habit by dumping their ash try in the parking lots and littering the streets and parks with spent cigarette butts.

RANT: Neighbors are leaving and storing their garbage cans in front of their house. Please stow them out of street sight to keep neighborhoods looking nice.

RAVE: So far into the process it appears that Marysville School District officials will listen to student’s emotional needs when it comes to the M-PHS cafeteria and appear to be committed to not returning to their old cafeteria. Grant funds would make this decision easier, but school district officials should be commended for making emotional needs a priority over financial ones.

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